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Issue 2, the first one I thought would never come out & the last one I did before dropping out of school.  Originally it was going to have two fake interviews & be the last issue, But then Martin Bowes agreed to do an interview & I did the one with Dr. Littleton for a paper I did on ufo's for my history class because an interview was required.  Snailiens are an obscure failed action figure type toy.  that's my dad on the cover.
the greatest super-hero ever
Attrition interview
Dr. Littleton interview
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the greatest super-hero ever

man-o-man do I heart the Joker. he must be the greatest super-hero ever. first off, heís easy to identify with. whatís his super power? does he fly? does he have super strength? does he have super healing powers? no, his only super power is his insanity (or super intelligence according to the psychiatrists in Arkham Asylum who call him the next stage in human evolution); thatís something pretty easy to identify with. also he hallucinates all the time (as revealed in Showcase Ď94 #2), thatís something a lot of us can identify with these days. second of all the Jokerís admirable. okay, he steals stuff from people... but why does he do it? he does it to show people they donít need material items to prepare them for the coming utopian society (see Going Sane part 3). & the Joker kills people (e.g. Robin), but who doesnít want to sometimes? at least heís honest enough to show his real feelings towards people he doesnít think should exist. thirdly, heís lovable. heís always smiling, heís a snappy dresser, heís got a great sense of humor, heís cute as a button (see also sexy), his name has "the" in it, & of course he dresses as a clown. the Joker is awesome.