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#3 featuring probably the two most obscure bands (burMonter & 1SBH) & the only
complaints about humans
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complaints about humans

I really cannot understand lying. it just doesn’t make any sense. I can maybe see lying to someone because of their particular occupation, like why you are late to your boss or why you got the crap beaten out of you to police. But lying to an individual seems pretty crappy. other crimes against individuals are dumb too, but not as dumb as lying. Okay, stealing I can understand. You want more stuff that you can call yours so you take other people’s & say to yourself that you are a better entity for owning this physical thing. Murder makes sense too. For whatever reason, one person is deemed unworthy of living & so they are not going to anymore. Lying just doesn’t make sense, it’s like you’re trying to be as crappy as possible, all lying ends up doing is causing stress & hurting people. A lot of people say they lie because they don’t want to upset people. Well, if what you are lying about is important at all & if the person you are lying to is important at all to you, then shouldn’t you tell them before they find out anyway? When they find out they’ll be upset at you & upset at themselves for being such a bad judge of character as to think that you were friends. In the end, chances are both of you will feel totally crappy. & if you try to hide something for years & years & years it builds up too much stress until you let it out & people think you’re crappy for bothering to lie about something that’s become so trivial. Once again you lose trust & people don’t like you anymore. The worst part is with all the crappiness lying usually makes the liar feel; the ones lied to feel that much worse. When you’re lied to, you usually lose at least one friend, often several, & feel like you can’t trust anybody. Lying is pretty much the worst thing you can do to another individual, I wish it hurt liars more.