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QRD #75
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Featured Band Interviews:
M is We
Record Label Interview:
Records Ad Nauseum
Cartoonist Interview:
Larry Johnson
Touring Musician Interviews:
Chris Brokaw of Lemonheads
Mkl Anderson of Drekka
Nevada Hill of Bludded Head
Phil Dole of Chord
Rainstick Cowbell
Shane DeLeon
Alan Sparhawk of Low
Zach Corsa of Lost Trail
Short stories:
Takin' Care of Business
   by Phil Dole
We'll Be The Last Ones Here
   by Nathan Amundson
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Welcome to issue 75!

I began to doubt if this issue would ever come out.  Me & my wife had a baby in October & despite all the interviews I did with other artists on how to balance family & art, I can't really quite figure it out.  But I think slowly I am learning to schedule life a little bit better.  Though I admit to the need to commit to fewer projects.  Especially the things that take a lot of time & don't provide much diaper money.  At the same time I love doing Silber & QRD & comics & music so I know that I'll figure it out at some point.  I hear it gets a little easier a couple years in & I do feel like it's already a little easier seven months in.  
Anyway, this issue launches the long threatened touring musician interview series.  I'm curious what people will think of this series compared to the other series.  Is it something you'd like to see more of or do they get boring?
Also this issue has a new interview with Tara from Lycia about the new album.  Lycia was in the first issue & QRD & Silber wouldn't exist if Mike & Tara hadn't shown so much interest in me.  So it's always good to hear from them.
Got a couple short stories in this issue as well by someone other than me for the first time in probably ten years or so.  No idea if that's the future or just something for this issue.
A lot going on at Silber & QRD this year, so follow on Facebook or Twitter or get in touch about receiving our newsletter to keep up to date as I hate to schedule or promise things right now when I am still trying to figure out how to get my life balanced.
Love you all, thanks for reading & caring

Brian John Mitchell
May 2016