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QRD #74
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Guitarist interview with Campbell Kneale
July 2015
Campbell Kneale
The shortest entry in this series ever! Essentially refusing to answer any questions, Campbell Kneale still delivers us insight about his take on guitars.

Name: Campbell Kneale
Bands: OUR LOVE WILL DESTROY THE WORLD, Birchville Cat Motel, Black Boned Angel
Websites: www.campbellkneale.bandcamp.com

QRD – Anything else?

Campbell – YES. Definitely anything else. In fact, EVERYTHING else!
The guitar is a magical weapon. It directs desire, energies, & spells according to a musician’s will (& often its OWN will which tends to be a lot wiser than mine). My own “piece of wood” is invested with intense personal associations & invokes the spirits of many of the great magicians that have used these weapons before me. It is a black left-handed SG of some description that currently has a couple of low strings of unspecified gauge & a couple of high ones... always tuned to something super-low so they can slip all over the fretboard like spaghetti. They are the same strings that were on it when I bought in on tour, from a pawnshop in San Francisco.
I make something that resembles music via a catastrophic triumvate of “weapon” (which directs the intent of the spell), a magic “circle” of effect pedals (the practiced esoteric knowledge that give grammatic shape to the spell) & “amplification” (which gives the spell physical form through sheer volume). The sonic result is less about “music” & more in line with the direct, formless, power that was channeled by Hendrix at his most interplanetary, the tonal clusterfucks of Krystof Penderecki, or the moment when The Velvet Underground’s “mind exploded!”. In terms of an experience, its about devastating, high volume, gnosis... flaming pentagrams of sound.
For me, the worse the equipment, the more potential for those wonderful “lead into gold” kinda experiences. Genuine music never comes from machines... it only ever comes from people, from imagination, from the heightened senses. Machines of all descriptions, guitars included, often only get in the way of the energy-transferal process that is what we call “music”... that unspecified thing that tugs at the heart for no verifiable reason & creates verifiable change according to the will of the musician/magician.