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QRD #69 - a little bit of everything
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Nick Marino

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Ryan Potter
Jonathon Trevillien

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Sarah Roark

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Hey Kidz,

20 years ago I started QRD.  It's been quite a journey.  Thanks for taking part in it as I head into my third decade of working on whatever you call this stuff I do.  Lately I just call it work.

Anyway, this issue is what I imagine to be the style of upcoming issues.  A couple feature interviews (this time comic peer Nick Marino & zining peer babysue), more installments in our ongoing interview series (this time guitarists & comic creators), the occasional introduction of a new interview series (this time comic shop owners), & an article from a guest.  Next time I'm planning on bringing some reviews back into the mix as I have quite a few things written in my notebooks from when I was doing Finally Checking It Out & Nostalgia Equals Distortion.  So in the end issue 70 will be more like the first five years of QRD than the past few years.

Just this week I got a link from Mention about some people I don't know putting links up to five year old interviews as references for Wikipedia articles.  It makes me feel like all this time & energy I've spent really has been worth it, that "history will judge me kindly" as the joke goes.  I'm The Velvet Underground of webzines.

If you want to write a piece for the next QRD just give me a shout.  Also if you want to pledge a buck over on Patreon or click on an ad or just post a link to your favorite article on QRD, it would help me out to be inspired to continue pushing on.

After the past five fairly tumultuous years I'm trying to get myself back on a regular schedule to help me get work done on a regular basis.  So hopefully that will mean more QRD, more music, & more comics as well as getting better at making all of those things.

Thanks for your interest & support, it means a lot to me.

Brian John Mitchell

PS - The cover is a photo I took of the suspension wires of the bridge going into Savannah while I was on tour with Irata last fall.