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QRD #65 - Getting by with friends
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Candy Reviews
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Candy Reviews
It has been a few years, but candy reviews are back with a vengence.  This time including tons of pictures & video!

unknown peanut candy Unknown Peanut Candy with Red Coating – Loud & crunchy.  Like a peanut M&M without chocolate.  Kelsey’s new favorite candy.
Choc Retas Choco Retas – A crunchy after dinner mint.  I would eat them again.
Pico Tico Pico Tico – Salt, sugar, & chili pepper.  I mainly tasted the salt & sugar & wasn’t into it, but Kelsey dug them.
Winis Barrita Mysterioso Winis Barrita Mysterioso – A stale Laffy Taffy with some kind of bubble bath flavor.
Tio Lolo Glorias Tio Lolo Glorias – Goat Milk, sugar, & pecans.  I just thought this tasted like carmel, but Kelsey literally threw up.
Carlos V Carlos V (by Nestle) – Generic chocolate, not particularly good.  Has “Me Perdonas?” written on the candy for some reason.
Ricolino Spicy Fruti Gomas Ricolino Spicy Fruti Gomas – I’m not a fan of gummi stuff & I didn’t find this particularly spicy or fruity.  Kelsey spit hers out & wiped her mouth out with a napkin.
Pulparindo Tamarind Sticks Pulparindo Tamarind Sticks – The texture of Air Heads, but it tastes like a bad raisin.
Ricolino Duvalin Bisabor Hazelnut & Vanilla Ricolino Duvalin Bisabor Hazelnut & Vanilla – This is basically cream cheese cake icing.  Like a sweeter Nutella.  I think it would go well with pretzels.
Moritas Gomas Aciditas Moritas Gomas Aciditas – A gum drop coated in little sour dots so they look like blackberries & raspberries.  I think this is my new favorite candy.
Bocadin Bocadin – Chocolate covered wafers that just taste like a wafer.
Rellanito Mango Rellanito Mango – A jolly rancher with a carmel mango center.  The whole house smelled fruity after Jamie ate one & he says he’d buy it again.
Kranky Kranky – Chocolate covered corn flakes that taste like really bad chocolate on rice.
Dulce de Camote Dulce de Camote (Sweet Potato Candy) – This just tastes like a buttery sweet potato.  The texture seems hard, but it melts in your mouth.  Good in small quantities.
Dulceria La Napolitana Candy Guava Roll Dulceria La Napolitana Candy Guava Roll – I had to spit this candy out.  The problem was the flavor.  Kelsey kept hers down though.
De La Rosa De La Rosa – A peanut marzapan that crumbles up to powdered sugar with a nutty edge.  Non-cravable.
Mara Mango Mara Mango – Chili pepper covered lollipop.  Pretty disgusting, tastes like the floor of an asian market.  The checkout clerk warned us not to buy them & she was right.
Obleas Arcoiris Obleas Arcoiris – Neon colored communion wafers?  This isn’t candy!  No wonder the Jews complained in the desert!
El Ponchin Dulce de Leche El Ponchin Dulce de Leche – Tastes like cream cheese icing only sweeter.  So sweet it hurts.
Tin Man Sunflower Raindrops Tin Man Sunflower Raindrops – Chocolate candy coated sunflower seeds.  These aren’t great on their own, but I think they’d shine in a trail mix.
Tin Man Chocolate Rocks Tin Man Chocolate Rocks – Basically M&Ms in odd shapes.  I’d suggest these for M&M fans, though I think they are slightly less sweet.
Nestle Sno Caps Nestle Sno Caps – A little too chocolatey to me.  Probably because I thought they’d be minty & they’re not.
Red Velvet Cupcake Bites Red Velvet Cupcake Bites – They just taste like cookie dough, which is fine I guess.
Sour Smog Balls Sour Smog Balls – Great story on the back of the box & worth seeking out to read.  Taste wise it’s similar to Sweet Tarts, texture wise similar to Lemonheads.  Pretty decent.
Haribo Raspberries Haribo Raspberries – These Moritas Gomas Aciditas impersonators suck!  They look identical, but taste awful.