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QRD #63 - Guitarist Interview Series IX
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Guitarist Interviews:
Chris Vaisvil
David M Birchall
Stef Ketteringham
Patrick Ogle
Xavier Watkins
Bill Berends
Todd Hawthorne
Michael Clamp
Eric Bessel
Benjamin LÝzninger
Benjamin Duvall
Tom Lugo
Peter Bingham
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Hey Kidz,

Welcome to QRD #63.  This is our ninth installment in the guitarist interviews, which seems pretty insane.  Even more insane is it’s over 150 interviews in the series.  How did things get this out of control?  Just imagine if everyone I asked had taken part, I’d be at double that!  Spread the word about the interviews if you can.

Oh, it's worth noting that the doll shoved under the guitar strings was a gift from a friend/fan several years ago.  Thanks Derek!

Anyway, as those of you who read QRD or the Silber Blog regularly know, I’m getting to a wrapping up point on things.  Issue #64 is going to collect the random odds & ends interviews I have lying around & then I’ll be taking a break on things for a while; so as I suggested last time, sign up for the mailing list if you want to know when we are getting back going again.  Thanks for your interest & support, it really means a lot to me that some of you have gotten some entertainment or at least time passed with my work over the years.

Brian John Mitchell

Guitarist Interviews:
Chris Vaisvil (May 2013)
David M Birchall of Kalbakken (May 2013)
Stef Ketteringham of Shield Your Eyes (May 2013)
Patrick Ogle of Thanatos (May 2013)
Xavier Watkins of Fuzzy Lights (May 2013)
Bill Berends of Mastermind (May 2013)
Todd Hawthorne of Greensect (May 2013)
Michael Clamp of Lazarus Clamp (May 2013)
Eric Bessel of Lore City (May 2013)
Benjamin LÝzninger of LÝzninger (May 2013)
Benjamin Duvall of Ex-Easter Island Head (May 2013)
Tom Lugo of Stellarscope & Panophonic (May 2013)
Peter Bingham of Sendelica (May 2013)