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QRD #59 - Indie Label Interview Series Part IV
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Bo' Weavil Recordings
Little Helpers
Withering Trees
Erototox Decodings
Jehu and Chinaman
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Hey Kidz,

It’s March & I’m already at the third issue of QRD for 2013 & I’m starting the groundwork for the next issue (another installment in the cartoonist series).  Pretty stoked about QRD at the moment & I’m hoping by magic that the ad revenue keeps coming in as I think I’ve gotten more money here in 2013 than in any other year.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still only making $2 an hour on it, but that’s a fortune compared to the pennies an hour of the past.  So if you are thinking about an ad just go ahead & do it.  Coming soon will be the debut of our touring musician series & drummer series of interviews as well as a continuation of our Father’s Day series (so if you have suggestions for any of those, give me a shout).

It took forever to gather this set of label owner interviews.  Some of the interviews are over a year old.  Just took a long time to get enough responses for it to be a full issue.  So I will wait at least a few months before trying out the label owner series again & when I do I think I’ll shoot for doing something with some of the folks from previous issues doing some updates.

A variety of labels in the series this time out – some with only a couple releases & some with a couple hundred releases, some built around the CD model & others on cassettes or vinyl or downloads, some doing dance music & other doing punk or experimental.  It’s nice to see what different folks are doing & hear what a variety of things they are excited about.

Anyway, I hope you all dig this issue & as always, thanks for your interest & support!

Brian John Mitchell