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QRD #59 - Indie Label Interview Series Part IV
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Bo' Weavil Recordings
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Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
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Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
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Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Label Owner Interview with Mark Morris of Bo' Weavil Recordings
March 2013
Bo' Weavil Recordings
Name: Mark Morris
Label: Bo’ Weavil Recordings
City:  London/Syndey
Artists Roster: Steve Noble / John Edwards / Alan Wilkinson / Decoy / Joe Mcphee / Stephen O’Malley / Tom James Scott / C Joynes / Chris Abrahams & Roil / Simon H Fell / Peter Brotzmann / Oren Amabarchi / Robbie Avenaim... & many more
Websites: www.boweavilrecordings.com

QRD – When & why did you start your label?

Mark – 2004 as I really wanted to see some vinyl releases of Henry Flynt & other artists.

QRD – Where did you get the money to finance your first few releases?

Mark – From my own savings.

QRD – How many releases have you put out?

Mark – About 60 releases.

QRD – How many releases would you like to do a year?

Mark – 10.

QRD – How many hours a week do you work on the label & how many would you like to?

Mark – 20 hours.  I would love to spend full time on it....

QRD – What are the fun &/or rewarding parts about running a label?

Mark – Being a part of the creative artistic process... & getting feedback about the label... positive feeback that is....

QRD – How have your motivations for having a label changed?

Mark – Motivated more to do vinyl these days... but the industry is changing, so I am not sure how long it will be possible for labels like mine to survive... fingers crossed for a good while longer, as I don’t want to stop....

QRD – What do you feel is the biggest waste of your time running the label?

Mark – Nothing comes to mind... maybe dealing with problems in vinyl production; it’s not a waste of time as you have to deal with problems, but if there were less problems it would make things easier....

QRD – What are some labels you admire or feel a kinship to?

Mark – Dancing Wayang.... Pan... Amish Records... & lots more....

QRD – What other work experiences prepared you to have a label?

Mark – Working in record stores & for other labels....

QRD – What makes you label special & unique?

Mark – It is very much my individual taste in music & therefore has a different feel to any other label, but all labels have their own flavour....

QRD – How has your physical location effected your label?

Mark – Been living in Sydney for the last 2 years which has made it much more difficult with a feeling of dislocation from most of the artists & music....

QRD – Do you enjoy music as much now as you used to & how has running a label effected how you listen to/hear music?

Mark – Yes as much if not more....

QRD – What’s your demos policy?

Mark – I will try & listen to most... I prefer digital over physical product.…

QRD – How do you find out about new artists for your label?

Mark – Most times I have come across the artist in a live setting... I have never released any music from an unsolicited demo....

QRD – How do most fans find out about your label?

Mark – Probably from press & artists....

QRD – What’s been your biggest selling release & why do you think it was?

Mark – Noah Howard’s Black Ark, as it was a classic out of print record that needed reissuing....

QRD – What release that you’ve done was the most important & special to you personally?

Mark – Reissuing Anne Briggs’s music on vinyl... & her being very happy with the results.

QRD – What are some things that make you want to work with a band?

Mark – Good music....

QRD – What are some things that would make you stop working with a band?

Mark – It becoming too difficult in terms of expectations from either side....

QRD – What is the thing all releases on your label have in common?

Mark – I like the music....

QRD – How involved are you with a band for acting as a producer as far as hearing demo ideas or selecting tracks to be on a release or mixing & mastering?

Mark – Differs from release to release, but overall I let the musician decide what they want, & if it fits with my tastes then we move forward....

QRD – How involved do you like to be in the artwork design for a release?

Mark – Very involved....

QRD – How long is it from when an artist delivers an album to you until release date & why?

Mark – Normally about 8 months or longer... simply the process of getting the artwork done the production process....  Vinyl can take a long time, as there are so many parts that can go wrong....

QRD – What do you wish bands on your label would do?

Mark – Tour more....

QRD – What’s a record you’d like to put out that you’ll never be able to?

Mark – Milford Graves’ Babi Music.… I love it but he does not want to reissue it....

QRD – If you really like a band, but aren’t sure you could sell many copies of their record; what do you do?

Mark – Probably go ahead & put it out anyway....

QRD – How is financing of a release split between artists & the label?

Mark – Label pays for everything to do with production & press.

QRD – How do you split profits from a release between artists & your label?

Mark – 50/50 or they get a percentage of the run as payment.

QRD – Do you have written contracts with your bands or handshake deals?

Mark – Sometimes.

QRD – Do you take a cut of a band’s publishing?

Mark – No.

QRD – How important is it to you to have touring acts on your roster & what do you do to encourage it?

Mark – Pretty important & yeah I would encourage it... today this is the best way to sell music....

QRD – Do you handle promotions in house or hire out & why?

Mark – I do promotion in house... but not a huge amount... too small a label & not enough money....

QRD – How do you maintain contact with your fanbase?

Mark – Internet.

QRD – Do you have intern & street team programs & if so, how do they operate?

Mark – No.

QRD – How big of a staff do you have & how big of one do you need?

Mark – No, staff it is only me.

QRD – What do you do to build relationships with radio stations?

Mark – Send promos to some stations....

QRD – What do you do to build relationships with magazines & websites?

Mark – Send promos.

QRD – What do you do to build relationships with bloggers?

Mark – Promos.

QRD – Do you view advertisements as a way to generate interest & revenue or more as a way to financially support magazines & websites you like?

Mark – To increase label & release profile, but I do this only a few times a year....

QRD – What is the job of your distributors?

Mark – To distribute.

QRD – How do you decide how big the initial pressing of a release should be?

Mark – Based on what I think it will sell.…

QRD – What percentage of a pressing do you use for promotions?

Mark – 10%.

QRD – Do you sell merchandise other than the music (t-shirts, etc.)?

Mark – Not really.

QRD – Do you sell music that is not on your label?

Mark – No.

QRD – What do you do to try to build a sense of community within your roster?

Mark – Getting artists to work together or be on the same gig bills....

QRD – What’s your most common conversation with bands as far as balancing artistic integrity & financial viability?

Mark – I don’t have this conversation.

QRD – How often do you look at your “return on investment” & adjust your business model?

Mark – I don’t.

QRD – Do you worry about search engine optimization & website traffic?

Mark – A little, but not a lot.

QRD – What have you done to cut costs over the years?

Mark – By trying to source the best prices I can get.

QRD – Do you think the album format is dead?

Mark – No... CDs seem to be dying....

QRD – Do you think the return of vinyl & cassettes is a fad?

Mark – No... vinyl will always be around... cassette might be a fad.

QRD – Is it important to have physical releases over digital ones or does it not matter?

Mark – For me yes... it’s what I love & I will never been involved if it is purely digital....

QRD – What do you think of ultra-limited runs of releases (less than 100 discs)?

Mark – That’s cool.

QRD – What do you think of “print on demand” discs?

Mark – I don’t have an opinion.

QRD – What changes in things would cause you to stop your label?

Mark – If I started to really lose money.

QRD – What would you suggest to someone starting a label today?

Mark – Hmm... don’t do it for money... do it for love & only love....

QRD – Where do you think money is currently most available to labels/musicians & where in the future?

Mark – For musicians in live music & publishing.  For some labels in publishing & placing music on ads etc... which is not really my thing....

QRD – Why do you think labels are still important to artists?

Mark – As they need someone to take care of the production process & promotion process.

QRD – In 20 years what do you think/hope your label will be known/remembered for?

Mark – A good body of work....