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QRD #57 - Guitarist Interview Series Part VII
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Guitarist Interviews with:
Francesco Candura
Justin O’Connor
C Joynes
Brandon W Pittman
Killick Hinds
Kyle Arthur Miller
Mark Wol
Dan West
Olaf Rupp
Lorne Hind
Mark Nelsen
Jordan Ferreira
Willy B
Andrè Erbyeah
Shane Handal
Interview Series Updates:
Andras Fekete
Martin Newman
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Hey Kidz,

It’s somehow been almost six months since the last issue of QRD.  But to make up for it there will probably be three issues of QRD all up within about a month (a label owner special & a comic creator special in addition to this guitarist special) & then hopefully some more content in a couple months (the long rumored drummer & touring musician series).  There’s been a lot going on for me the past six months as far as having a couple of semi big comic book projects (Bottle Comics & the Cyberpunk Apocalypse Residency (which included my first ebook)) & launching Silber’s series of five songs in five minutes EPs & now the Silber Button Factory designing & making custom buttons (let me know if you need buttons made).

Last issue I mentioned people clicking on ads causing an increased in our advertising revenue.  Well, get this, Google noticed it too & they said that encouraging people to click ads was a breach of their terms of service (don’t ask me why) & they canceled my account.  Which is fine, I wasn’t making too much money off of them anyway.  So now I have the Project Wonderful ads & we’ll see if those work out.  Of course you are always welcome to support us directly through our super affordable ads.

This issue is a continuation of our in depth guitarist interviews & I threw out a call to past contributors who had discovered some significant changes in their guitar playing over the past couple of years & got some updates from Andras Fekete & Martin Newman, which is kind of a cool thing to me.  Anyway, below is a list of the interviewees.

Brian John Mitchell
Guitarist Interviews with:
Francesco Candura of Jennifer Gentle, Stop The Wheel, Rivulets, & Boomerangs
Justin O'Connor of Church of Graviton
C Joynes
Brandon W Pittman of when the word was (((sound))) & My Lover the Ghost
Killick Hinds of Killick
Kyle Arthur Miller of Haunter, BLACK WØLF, & Qualia
Mark Wol of Alpha Couple & Kram Ran
Dan West of Sidewalk Society & LoveyDove
Olaf Rupp
Lorne Hind of Tamin Thunder
Mark Nelsen of The Electric Shepherd
Jordan Ferreira of Mindwalk Blvd
Willy B of The Independents
Andrè Erbyeah of Three Kings on the Hill
Shane Handal of Set and Setting
Interview Series Updates:
Andras Fekete of Boat Burning & Triangle Rhysing
Martin Newman of Plumerai & Goddakk