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QRD #53 - Guitarist Interview Series V
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Musician Dad Interviews with:
Aaron Snow
Nyles Lannon
Philippe Petit
Ryan Sollee
Jim Baptizer
Jamie Barnes
Daniel Prendiville
Doug Burr
Alex Boniwell
Andrew Ratfink Wilson 
Charles Hoffman
Dave Sims
Dan Beckman
Scott Berrier
James Zahn
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Hey Kidz,

Well, here we are at issue 54 & the fourth installment of the musician dad interview series.  This series is always an odd one for me.  When I started doing these interviews five years ago I was in the midst of a crisis of wanting to have a child & if that meant I needed to give up my creative output. Things turned out that I did not have a child in that relationship as things dissolved.  Oddly enough a couple years later I met my son that I had in middle school & had given up for adoption & I became a father in that way in time for the second installment.  Now here we are for a fourth set.  I hope you go ahead & plow through all of the interviews looking for some insight that can help you in your life as these interviews have little to do with the music these men make compared to how they attempt to balance time on music & fatherhood.

Aaron Snow of Landing, Surface of Eceon, & Paper
Nyles Lannon of Sacred Caves
Philippe Petit of Strings Of Consciousness
Ryan Sollee of The Builders & The Butchers
Jim Baptizer of Baptizer
Jamie Barnes
Daniel Prendiville
Doug Burr
Alex Boniwell of Inebrious Bastard & Leech Woman
Andrew Ratfink Wilson of Alien Sex Fiend 
Charles Hoffman of Fetal Pig & Why Make Clocks
Dave Sims of The Lonelies
Dan Beckman of Village of Spaces & Impractical Cockpit
Scott Berrier of Powercloud
James Zahn of Saturday Action Theatre & The Rock Father
As always I'm working on some new issues.  The next guitarist issue is waiting for me to proof & layout.  The next comic & label owner interviews are in the works.  I've gotten underway for a couple new additions in the interview series & I'm thinking about doing some curated issues (where I get someone to do ten interviews & then I just do the proofing & layout).  So we'll see what happens.

It may also be worth noting that I've added some new advertising options.  Everything is still super cheap.  So I hope if you have a few bucks & something you want people to know, you think of us.

If you dig any of the interviews, please share links to them & if you have some extra pennies please feel free to donate or buy an ad to help me feel like my time is of value.

Brian John Mitchell