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QRD #51 - Indie Comics Interview Series
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Indie Comic Creators Interviews:
Kimberlee Traub
Liz Suburbia
Michael Anthony Carroll
Mike Kitchen
Sloane Leong
Troy Little
Wayne Wise
Blair Kitchen
David Lawrence
Dawn Best
Gary Scott Beatty
Jack Knifley
Jason Strutz
William Schaff
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Hey Kidz,

So first off I’d like to give a special shout out to Gary Scott Beatty for doing the cover for this issue of QRD.

So this is the second installment of the indie comic creators interviews (the first was issue #48).  The next one in this series will probably be March 2012.  Obviously we will have a ton more issues between now & then even if I am slowing things down a bit (meaning less than 200 interviews a year!).  I still have a guitarist series & label owner series just waiting for me to proof & layout & then I’m working up some questions for a drummer series & a touring musicians series & maybe even a “normal” issue as I haven’t done one in over a year now.

Anyway, here’s the line up for this issue:
‘Lil - Tiny Tommy Comics
Kimberlee Traub - Worms
Liz Suburbia - Sacred Heart & Cyanide Milkshake
Michael Anthony Carroll - R.A.In.B.O.W, AsthmaAttack, The Accidentals, Death Takes on Holidays, The Kernal
Mike Kitchen - Spy Guy
Sloane Leong - Crooked Root & Maschinell
Troy Little - Angora Napkin & Chiaroscuro
Wayne Wise - Grey Legacy & Chaos Punks
Blair Kitchen - The Possum
David Lawrence - Mercy Thompson: Moon Called, Alpha & Omega: Cry Wolf, & Ex-Mutants
Dawn Best - VARULV, Sonic the Hedgehog, & Sylvanna
ED - Peculiar Comics
Gary Scott Beatty - Jazz: Cool Birth
Jack Knifley - Haunted & Break The Line
Jason Strutz - The Order of Dagonet
William Schaff - Dead in Disemboque

Thanks as always for your interest & support.  Feel free to donate money or buy one of our ultra-cheap ads or buy some stuff over at Silber Records.  New issues coming soon with label owners, guitarists, indie comic folks & more.

Brian John Mitchell

P.S. Here's the interviews from QRD#48
QRD #47 - Record Label Owners Interview Series about this issue
Indie & Mini Comic Creator Interviews with:
Jeremy Johnson - Marked (February 2011)
PB Kain - Peeling Glass & Mumblypeg (February 2011)
Joe Badon - Behind Yesterday (February 2011)
Andrew White - Sexbuzz, Consumed,  & Just a Man (February 2011)
R. J. Paré - Buddha Monkey & The Adventures of Driving Boy & Coffee Girl (February 2011)
Shawn Harbin - The Dungeon Comic (February 2011)
Colin Upton - Buddha on the Road & Big Thing (February 2011)
Kevin LaPorte - Clown Town & The Blind Eye (February 2011)
Sara Lindo - Carl Finds Love (February 2011)
Joseph Morris - TORC Press (February 2011)
Stephen Hines - Valedictorian USA & Crackerstacker (February 2011)
Steve Seck - Steve Seck's Life is Good (February 2011)
Derek R Croston - Croston's Method Comix & Unicorns Changed My Life (February 2011)
M. L. Walker - Hero Corp., International & Smoking Guns (February 2011)
Daniel Gracey - G2 Comics (February 2011)
Matthew D. Smith - The Adventurers of Liberty City (February 2011)
Brian John Mitchell - Lost Kisses, XO, Just A Man, Marked, & Worms (February 2011)
Brandon Graham - King City & Multiple Warheads (February 2011)
Gordon McAlpin - Multiplex (February 2011)
Ross Campbell - Wet Moon, Shadoweyes, The Abandoned, Hack/Slash, & House of Mystery (February 2011)
Alex Robinson - Box Office Poison, Tricked, & Too Cool to Be Forgotten (February 2011)
Nik Havert - Pickle Press (February 2011)
Kurt Dinse - One Year in Indiana & HURR (February 2011)
Nick Marino - Super Haters & Time Log (February 2011)
Bob Corby - Oh, Comics!, Bunny Blues, & Vugz (February 2011)
Eric Shonborne - Cops ‘n’ Crooks, Monthly, Razorbaby, Timeliners,  & Justice Nevada (February 2011)
Melissa Spence Gardner - XO, Strange Snow, & Plink Comics (February 2011)
Dave Sim - Cerebus & glamourpuss (February 2011)
Mason Johnson - Robots Need Not & Zoir (February 2011)
Jason Young - Veggie Dog Saturn (February 2011)