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QRD #50 - Artistic Father Interview Series
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Interview with Musician Dad Jason Ward of Irata
June 2011

Name: Jason Ward
Band: Irata
Website: Iratalive.com, silbermedia.com/irata
Listen to “Drunken Dwarf”

QRD – How old were you when you first realized you wanted to be a professional musician?

Jason – It is hard to say for sure. I remember as a kid watching the news & it showed a clip from a Kiss concert & Gene was blowing fire & being a rock star & I told my mom I wanted to do that.

QRD – What are a few highlights of your musical career?

Jason – Being in Irata is probably the biggest so far, being picked by an independent label like Silber was a goal I have had & I have to add the last show we played has pretty freaking awesome too!

QRD – At what age did you decide you wanted to become a father?

Jason – There is not a certain age where I decided to have kids. As far as I can remember I have always wanted kids. It just took me a while to find someone that wanted to have them with me.

QRD – What are some positive & negative impacts your family has had on your career?

Jason – Having kids made me realize how little time is left to accomplish my goals in music.

QRD – What are some positive & negative impacts your career has had on your family?

Jason – Being in a working band that plays live is very tough on a family. Rehearsals, touring, planning, promoting all takes time away from the family. My kids are at the age that I think it is harder on my wife than them. The positive effect the band has had on my family is that as long as I am playing I am happy. Happy is positive.

QRD – Have your children effected the music you make &/or listen to?

Jason – My kids have not affected the music I play or listen to. “Sing along with Thomas” had been in my repertoire well before my kids.

QRD – Have you had problems with the lack of steady money from a musical career providing the security you feel necessary in your household?

Jason – When you make money playing, money is not a problem.

QRD – Given the limitations having a family has on being a touring musician, would you have toured more earlier in life if you’d known?

Jason – I would have definitely toured more, but what musician wouldn’t. Kids or no kids.

QRD – Do you think being a father or a musician has a greater impact on your community?

Jason – We do have a positive impact on our community. When we practice we open the doors & the community gets to enjoy free rock!

QRD – Would you rather see your children eventually become a musician or parent?

Jason – I want my kids to do what they like. Hopefully they will include kids & music, but you never know.

QRD – Both family & music seem like things that will take up as much of your time as you’re willing to put in.  How do you end up dividing your time?

Jason – We have a set rehearsal schedule & we stick to it. Touring has to be planned well in advance. Plan, schedule, plan some more.

QRD – What do your kids think of your music?

Jason – They say the music is loud. They always want to join in.

QRD – Do you think you could ever do a musical project with your child?

Jason – I think so. My son is already on a sample that we use in our song “Old Smoker.”

QRD – Any words of advice to young people?

Jason – My advice is to take advice from someone else. Do what you want, make it work. Cheers.