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QRD #50 - Artistic Father Interview Series
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Father's Day Interviews:
Jason Ward
Khristian Weeks
Don Campau
Eugene Chadbourne
Kurt Dinse
Justin Bieler
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Hey Kidz,

Welcome to QRD #50.  Holy crap.  50 sounds like a lot.  It is a lot.  & I have the content for the next three issues already sitting on my computer waiting to be edited & made into issues.  Then Iím not sure what will happen.  The year of experimenting with a dramatic increase in QRD content is ending & Iíve done around 200 interviews in that time, which is pretty insane to think about.  But the ad revenue Iíd hoped this would raise (or increased interest in Silber since thatís half of my ad content) hasnít come to fruition & neither has there seemed to be a dramatic increase in traffic to the site.  It makes me think maybe the internet has jumped the shark as far as being able to get more information to more people than a little photocopied zine like this started as in 1994.  So maybe Iíll go down from an issue a month back to a couple issues a year.  I donít know.  I like the series interviews & I still really want to do a series with drummers & songwriters & singers & touring musicians & I guess that could get a whole extra year of content.

Anyway, this issue is the third installment of our Fatherís Day interviews with artistic (usually musician) dads & with about 40 we have done in the past, this one is admitedly a little low on content & we may do another issue in a couple years when more of our friends have had kids:
Jason Ward of Irata (June 2011) - the drummer of Irata
Khristian Weeks (June 2011) - sound artist
Don Campau (June 2011) - famed DJ & home recordist
Eugene Chadbourne (June 2011) - sound artist & free jazz institution
Kurt Dinse of One Year in Indiana (June 2011) - indie comic artist
Justin Bieler of I Had An Accident Records (June 2011) - indie label owner

Thanks as always for your interest & support.  Feel free to donate money or buy one of our ultra-cheap ads or buy some stuff over at Silber Records.  New issues coming soon with label owners, guitarists, indie comic folks & more.

Brian John Mitchell

PS - Here are the older interviews with artistic dads:
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Nicholas Slaton of slicnaton (June 2009)
Shaun Sandor of Promute/Bicameral Mind (June 2009)
Jeremy M Lange, freelance photographer (June 2009)
Chris Bonner of THe BAcksliders (June 2009)
Matthew Kendall of Rogue Motel (June 2009)
Bevan Hurd of The Very Foundation (June 2009)
Michael Jarmer of Here Comes Everybody (June 2009)
Chris Williams of Maple Stave (June 2009)
Brian John Mitchell of Remora (June 2009)
Kyle Monday of Carta (June 2009)
Bill Tollner of Amadan (June 2009)
Sacha Galvagna of Carta (June 2009)
Robert Brown of Northern Valentine (June 2009)
Benjamin Løzninger of Løzninger (June 2009)

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Martin Bowes of Attrition (May 2007)
Benjy Johnson of Benjomatic (May 2007)
Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape for a Blue Girl & Projekt Records (May 2007)
William Amundson of Change in Tymes (May 2007)
Josh Howard author of Dead@17 (May 2007)
Peter Ulrich of Dead Can Dance (June 2007)
Aaron Molina of If Thousands (May 2007)
D.A. Sebasstian of Kill Switch...Klick & The Inner Demons (May 2007)
Alan Sparhawk of Low (May 2007)
Shane Sauers of Miss Massive Snowflake (May 2007)
Rune Flaten of Origami Arktika (May 2007)
Tore Boe of Origami Republika  (May 2007)
Chris Olley of Six by Seven, Twelve, & Fuck Me USA (May 2007)
Timothy Renner of Stone Breath, Black Happy Day, Dark Holler, & Hand/Eye (May 2007)
Patrick Ogl of Thanatos (May 2007)
Mats Gustafsson of The Broken Face (May 2007)
Jason Wallach of The Unquiet Void (May 2007)
Chris Wade of The Wades (May 2007)
Nevada Hill  of The Zanzibar Snails (May 2007)
Wayne Barnes of Tom Dooley & the Lovelights (May 2007)
Dan Sostrom of Tonevendor & Clairecords (May 2007)
Colin Newman of Wire (May 2007)
Joe Kendrick of WNCW (May 2007)