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QRD #49 - Christian Artists Interview Series
about this issue
Christian Artist Interviews:
Jamie Barnes
Alan Sparhawk
Jeremy Johnson
Joseph Kendrick
Scotty Irving
Joe Badon
Brian John Mitchell
Kirk Adam
Doug Tesnow
Bryce Eiman
Tara Vanflower
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Hey Kidz,

Welcome to QRD #49.  It’s getting kinda crazy how long I’ve been able to keep this going.

Anyway, this issue is something I’ve debated doing for a couple of years.  A series of questions with artists (predominantly musicians of course) about Christianity & how their faith & art interact.  I hope you dig it & find it interesting.  Here’s a run down on the participants:
Jamie Barnes – a singer-songwriter from Louisville with releases on Silber.
Alan Sparhawk – the leader of minimalist pop icons Low.
Jeremy Johnson – the comic artist for the Silber comic Marked.
Joseph Kendrick – the music director of our beloved radio station WNCW
Scotty Irving – the man behind Clang Quartet.
Joe Badon – the comic artist for the Silber comic Built.
Brian John Mitchell – the head of the Silber empire.
Kirk Adam – long time Silber friend, visual artist, & art proponent.
Doug Tesnow – friend & guest performer in many Bluesanct projects.
Bryce Eiman – the curator of 919Noise & member of Weather Machine.
Tara Vanflower – long time QRD advocate & the female vocalist from Lycia.

Thanks as always for your interest & support.  Feel free to donate money or place one of our ultra-cheap ads or buy some stuff over at Silber Records.  New issues coming soon with label owners, guitarists, indie comic folks & more.

Brian John Mitchell