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QRD #49 - Christian Artists Interview Series
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Interview with Christian Visual Artist Kirk Adam
April 2011

Name: Kirk Adam

QRD – Do you try to keep your faith life & artistic life separate?

Kirk – Not at all.

QRD – When creating your art do you feel closer to God?

Kirk – I do.

QRD – How has your art helped you grow as a Christian?

Kirk – Yes.

QRD – How has your art effected your faith?

Kirk – Creating & expressing through art allows me to mediate, visit, & travel to unforeseen places.

QRD – How are your faith & aesthetic ideas linked together?

Kirk – I don’t feel they are.

QRD – What has been your experience being a Christian in an underground “artistic” community? 

Kirk – I think I can experience things clearly.

QRD – Have you experienced any negativity towards yourself regarding your beliefs?

Kirk – Not that I know of.

QRD – How do you reconcile the idea of making “dark” art against the perception that Christians making art “should” be creating art of praise or trying to “save” people?

Kirk – I am who I am & I create & express through my art.  I’m not aware that art should be made to praise or save people.  The Renaissance Art Period (1400-1600) was full of religious art & some of it was horror. 

QRD – How do you feel about your work being shown with & for people who have a completely different set of beliefs than you do?

Kirk – I think all love color.

QRD – What’s your take on artists that refer to themselves as Satanic or Pagan?

Kirk – I look at the art.  If I like their art, it doesn’t matter if that person is a Pagan or a Satanist.

QRD – What do you think of Contemporary Christian Art?

Kirk – I’m not aware of that artistic style or genre.

QRD – How did you become a Christian? Can you share your experience?

Kirk – Grew up in a Jerry Falwell style church, I learned about Jesus.  Today I feel I’m very liberal & most Christians do not agree with how I understand the Bible & Faith.

QRD – Name a scripture that has personal significance to you & why?

Kirk – Proverbs 27:9   Seems real.

QRD – How has traditional religious art influenced your art?

Kirk – I love the Abstract Expressionism Art Movement.  I love Color Fields.  I’m not drawn to the Ren Art Period.  Sorry :(

QRD – Would you like to be more involved with creating Christian art?

Kirk – Subject?  No.… Faith is 24/7 & Faith is all that you breathe.  I’m not into labels.  Just because something is labeled “Christian Art” doesn’t mean it will be good or bad art.

QRD – Do you ever intentionally or unintentionally have Christian references in your work?

Kirk – I’m sure they are there, perhaps hidden or non-descriptive. 

QRD – How do fans & peers respond to first finding out you are a Christian?

Kirk – Most Christians have a problem with me.  Non-Christians are usually cool with me. 

QRD – How do you respond to people making statements like, “I thought you were too smart to be a Christian?”

Kirk – I haven’t heard that as of yet.

QRD – How do you keep up your spiritual life with the erratic scheduling of an artistic life?

Kirk – Faith is who we are... 24/7.  Life is a living prayer or communication with our creator.

QRD – How has Christianity helped you with dealing with the stresses of working in the art industry?

Kirk – Keeps me mellow.

QRD – Has your faith ever hindered your career in anyway?

Kirk – I don’t think so.

QRD – Anything else?

Kirk – Follow the desires & compassions of your heart.  Keep everything else out of your way.