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QRD #42 - Guitarist Series
about this issue
Guitarist Interviews with:
Ashkelon Sain
Zac Keiller
Eric Muhs
Patrick Vega
Russ Stedman
Bret Hart
Rick Ray
John William Gordon
Evan Peta
Evgeny Zheyda
Dave Halverson
Charles Rice Goff III
Calvin Johnson
Kim Chee
John G Sosnowski
Michael Walton
Annelies Monseré
Eric Quach
Robert Poss
Sarah June
Ted Johnson
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Hey Kidz,

Welcome to QRD #42, part two in our guitarists interview series.

Iíd hoped for this to be every month, but every five weeks seems pretty near to correct.  Gives advertisers a little bit more bang for their buck & me an extra couple days.  So I think that might be what my goal is.  Ten issues a year sounds like enough.

I need to start working on the questions for the other battery surveys.  Iím going to have to ask people for help because while my knowledge of bass & drums is suspect at best, when the synthesizer & sequencer issue comes around I really donít know anything.  & I think next issue will mark a major chunk taken out of the list of guitarists who will be contributing to the series.   So after it, there will probably be a guitarist special about once a year.  If you have suggestions for people to contact (no self-nominations please) let me know.

This issue marks the return of a couple classic QRD alumni Ė Ashkelon Sain (Trance to the Sun) & Kim Chee (Pineal Ventana).  Also some of our newer friends like Sarah June & Michael Walton (mwvm) & some friends Iím surprised we never interviewed before like Zac Keillor, Bret Hart, & Annelies Monseré.  Plus tons of other folks as well.  My secret goal for next issue is that Iím going to try to get Ace Frehley, but Iím not holding my breath on it.

The cover art this time is me trying to replicate the classic image style from the first fifteen issues as Martin Newman (Plumerai/Goddakk) made a comment this month that I should go back to that style.  But when I made it black & white it looked kinda bland.  I'm hoping this is a good compromise.  Let me know what you think.

Thank you for your interest & support as always.

Brian John Mitchell