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QRD #41 - Guitarist Interview Series Part I - June 2010
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Guitarist Interviews with:
Jason LaFarge
Aidan Baker
Jamie Stewart
Brian John Mitchell
Martin Newman
Mat Sweet
Robin Crutchfield
Darren Hayman
Anna-Lynne Williams
Larry Marotta
Mike Cosper
Sibyll Kalff
Jamie Barnes
Nathan Amundson
Jenks Miller
Chris Olley
Don Campau
Colin Newman
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Hey Starz,

I know, you never thought we’d be back, but here we are.  I am going to be trying to go to monthly content through the end of the year & continue on with more interviews for as long as I can justify cranking them out.

I worked for about a year & a half coming up with the in-depth set of questions for this guitarist interview series.  Hopefully they’ll be interesting to folks who are fans of the bands, guitarists, & you regular music geeks as well.  This is the first set of 20 & we’re planning another set of 20 for issue #42.

I’m pretty excited about pretty much every interview in this issue.  Of special note might be Jason LaFarge who I reconnected with because he’s been working with Michael Gira lately.  Jason was in the band Pineal Ventana who some of you might remember from the 1990s & he also is the guitarist that turned me on to using the orange Tortex picks I’ve been using for fifteen years.  Other returning QRD alumni are Colin Newman (Wire), Chris Olley (Six by Seven), Martin Newman (Plumerai), Darren Hayman (Hefner), Brian John Mitchell (Remora), Nathan Amundson (Rivulets), & Jamie Barnes.  First timers to QRD are Sibyll Kalff, Aidan Baker, Tam, Mat Sweet (Boduf Songs), Robin Crutchfield, Anna-Lynne Williams (Lotte Kestner), Don Campau, Larry Marotta, Mike Cosper, Jenks Miller (Horseback), & Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu).

This is the first issue we’re experimenting with a new advertisement format that will hopefully help you readers to find out about more cool stuff & help us bring in enough income to justify turning QRD back into the constant content & consistent bringer of in-depth interviews we were in the 1990s.

It’s also the first time we’re going to try providing music to listen to while you read your interviews.  Hopefully it makes for a better experience for you.

Oh, the cover art is a picture I took of my $50 guitar’s headstock.

Thank you for your interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell