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QRD #40 - Happy Father's Day! - June 2009
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Hey Starz,

Some of you that have been reading for a while remember a while back when I did a Father's Day special (I am putting the links to the first one below).  It was a little harder this time as I only meet so many new people & only so many people having children over the course of two years.

For those wondering about the guitarist special, it is happening eventually.  I lost my notebook of fifty questions that I'd come up with over the course of six months (while on tour a little while ago, so who knows what city it could be in).  So I need to try to re-write the questions & it's hard to get my heart into it.

Brian John Mitchell
QRD #33, the Father's Day show about this issue
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Josh Howard author of Dead@17 (May 2007)
Peter Ulrich of Dead Can Dance (June 2007)
Aaron Molina of If Thousands (May 2007)
D.A. Sebasstian of Kill Switch...Klick & The Inner Demons (May 2007)
Alan Sparhawk of Low (May 2007)
Shane Sauers of Miss Massive Snowflake (May 2007)
Rune Flaten of Origami Arktika (May 2007)
Tore Boe of Origami Republika  (May 2007)
Chris Olley of Six by Seven, Twelve, & Fuck Me USA (May 2007)
Timothy Renner of Stone Breath, Black Happy Day, Dark Holler, & Hand/Eye (May 2007)
Patrick Ogl of Thanatos (May 2007)
Mats Gustafsson of The Broken Face (May 2007)
Jason Wallach of The Unquiet Void (May 2007)
Chris Wade of The Wades (May 2007)
Nevada Hill  of The Zanzibar Snails (May 2007)
Wayne Barnes of Tom Dooley & the Lovelights (May 2007)
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