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QRD #39 - April 2009
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interviews with:
Nicholas Slaton of slicnaton
Sarah June
Northern Valentine
Hotel Hotel
Brian John Mitchell of Silber
Melissa Spence Gardner of XO
Lisa Uber of WRSU
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Hey Starz,

This issue kinda snuck up on me.  I knew I had conducted a couple interviews & not put an issue together yet, but I was surprised to see eight interviews.  The interviews go all over the place from bands to magazine editors to comic artists to music directors.  Nicholas Slaton is a musician who works in both noise & jazz.  Andrew Weathers is a minimalist ambient guitarist.  Sarah June does ethereal americana.  Northern Valentine do indie ambient.  Hotel Hotel are post rockers.  Brian John Mitchell runs Silber Records.  Melissa Spence Gardner draws mini-comics.  Lisa Uber is the music director at WRSU.

I've been thinking lately that maybe I should change the format from being issues to just posting new interviews as soon as they're done.  I guess if I am going to do that I need to figure out how to get an RSS feed to work.  What's your opinion?  Issue style or single articles are of more interest?

I feel like I kinda dug the themed issues a little bit more, so I will be having a few more of those in the near future.  Next up will be a guitarist issue followed by another Father's Day one & then touring musicians.  I need to remember to just try to get stories interesting to me & just assume they're of interest to others.  QRD started almost fifteen years ago with me wanting to read interviews I couldn't find elsewhere & it's time to go back to my roots though what I want to read has changed a bit.

Brian John Mitchell