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QRD #33 - the Father's Day issue - June 2007
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Interview with William Amundson of Change in Tymes
April 23, 2007

William Amundson is known to me because of his son Nathan (Rivulets) who still plays William’s old Takamine acoustic guitar.  The interview was conducted by Nathan.

Name: William Amundson
Band: Change in Tymes
Website: N/A
Special Note: interview conducted by William's son Nathan Amundson (Rivulets)

QRD – How old were you when you first realized you wanted to be a professional musician?

William – Early teens.

QRD – What are a few highlights of your musical career?

William – Playing with some of the Motown groups.

QRD – Do you think your legacy as a father or as a musician will stand the test of time better?

William – Father hopefully.

QRD – Do you have a split/secret life between being a parent & being a musician?

William – Only while in the shower or alone in my truck.

QRD – What do your children think of your music?

William – Don’t know for sure, other than ancient.

QRD – Do you think you could ever do a musical project with your children?

William – Indeed.

QRD – How were shows & tours arranged, & what type of places would you play?

William – Our manager arranged most things, i.e. weekend jaunts into farm country & booking the local farmer’s grange or high school gym.  After some time with that, we became the house band for a club in downtown Denver.  The clubs owner had Motown connections & became their promoter for that area.  Soooo... we became the opening act for the groups that came through.   We would often play with them in Colorado Springs the first night, then Denver the next.

QRD – How many people were in your band & what did they play?

William – There were five.  Lead & rhythm guitar, drums (howitzer), bass, & keyboard (piano & organ).

QRD – What was the band’s name?

William – Change in Tymes.

QRD – What music were you listening to?

William – Some English “stuff,” but mostly blues.

QRD – What was the deal with you filling in for all those bands coming through Denver? Who were some of your favorites to work with?

William – The Motown folks traveled light & often brought just the core band.  They would call the musicians union for additional players & on occasion ask us to play with them to help “fill”.  It was very cool.  The Four Tops were great, Tempatations equally great; but the favorite, without doubt, was (as billed then) Little Stevie Wonder.  The Motown artists at that time were just being developed; they had records out & had some success, but were still not in the money or overly impressed with themselves.  Pretty much normal guys just trying to make it; working wherever they could for whatever they could get.  Living the “road” life, getting by & hoping for better.