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QRD #33 - the Father's Day issue - June 2007
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Martin Bowes of Attrition
Benjy Johnson of Benjomatic
Sam Rosenthal of BTFABG
William Amundson
Josh Howard author of Dead@17
Peter Ulrich of Dead Can Dance
Aaron Molina of If Thousands
D.A. Sebasstian of KSK
Alan Sparhawk of Low
Shane Sauers
Rune Flaten of Origami Arktika
Tore Boe of Origami Republika
Chris Olley of Six by Seven
Timothy Renner of Stone Breath
Patrick Ogl of Thanatos
Mats Gustafsson of Broken Face
Jason Wallach of Unquiet Void
Chris Wade of The Wades
Nevada Hill of The Zanzibar Snails
Wayne Barnes
Dan Sostrom of Tonevendor
Colin Newman of Wire
Joe Kendrick of WNCW
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Hey kidz,

So this issue is a theme issue & about the biggest QRD ever.  The theme is “rock & roll” dads; though I guess it is a little bit of a stretch to call most of the music covered rock & roll.  The inspiration for it has come from a lot of things.  I’ve been reading a few interview books like Songwriters on Songwriting & Studs Terkel’s Working & wanted to try something where I dive in a little deeper into a subject when doing interviews.  Several of my friends lately seem to be making the commitment either to have kids or have a surgery to make the commitment to not have kids (which would be another issue altogether).  & of course there’s my personal interest/fear of children of my own since I am starting to turn into one of the “adults” instead of one of the “kids” in pretty much any setting I find myself in.  Now after all the hours of work on the interviews, I’m still not sure I understand what I personally should do any better.  But I think when Rune Flaten kinda explains everything with, “It is not like you are necessarily made a better person if you have children.  Everyone doesn’t have to become a parent, it is very okay not to.”  Anyway, I hope you dig this issue. I’m thinking about making a print version available for people to give as gifts to expectant fathers.  Thanks for all your time & support as always.

Brian John Mitchell