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QRD #32 - the car crash issue - March 2007
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Crash - Brian John Mitchell
Crash - Alan Sparhawk
Crash - James Newman
Crash - Nathan Amundson
The Wreck - Will Dodson
Bound and Loose - Patricia Russo
See and Say - Patricia Russo
She Was a Doll - Tara Vanflower
David Galas interview
Jamie Barnes interview
Rivulets interview
The Goslings interview
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I Heart FX - Martin Newman
I Heart FX - Nathan Amundson
I Heart FX - Shane DeLeon Sauers
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Hey Kidz,

I felt like I had a lot of fun this issue.  I think the secret was finally getting able to record interviews again rather than doing them all by email.  The problem was some kind of noise coming in when my computer was plugged in, but if I run it on its battery it sounds right.  So as long as I don't have interviews running beyond the battery life we should be alright.

I am looking towards the June issue & I want to do a Father's Day special.  What I am hoping for is some of the regular readers who have dads that were musicians to do interviews with them about their musical careers.   Let me know if you are interested in doing it.

We have a lot going on this issue.  As some of you may know, I was in a car crash a few months ago & I have been talking to a lot of people about it & so I have a ton of car crash stories from semi-famous folks like Alan Sparhawk, James Newman, Nathan Amundson, Will Dodson,  & myself.  Nathan Amundson contributes a few more times for a Rivulets interview & an appearance in I Heart FX & a piece he co-wrote with me on Gifts for Touring Musicians.  We have two short stories from long time contributor Paticia Russo called Bound and Loose & See and Say.  A nice little short short from Tara Vanflower called She Was a Doll.  I guess the big surprise interview this issue is David Galas, who last appeared in QRD #1 as a member of Lycia.  We have an interview with our buddy Jamie Barnes who will hopefully interview his dad for us in June.  There is an interview with Max Soren of The Goslings.  Finally finishing up we have two more installments of I Heart FX from Martin Newman (Plumerai) & Shane DeLeon Sauers (Rollerball).  So a big issue.  & hopefully there will be more soon.  I'm shooting for another one in two months.

I hope you all dig it.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.  Thanks for your interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell