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QRD #31 from August 2006
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2:22 by Tara Vanflower
Murder Suicide by Tara Vanflower
My Name is Brian
The Transformation of Ernesto
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My Name is Brian

My name is Brian.  It means: ďstrong of body, weak of mind.Ē  You would think since Iím 5í 7Ē & 125 pounds with an IQ of 174 that the name isnít a good match.  But Iíve found it an incredibly accurate description.  My body has been able to take everything Iíve thrown at it from amphetamines to narcotics to alcohol poisoning to 36-hour work shifts & never let me down or even buckled.  My mind on the other hand is a very fragile thing.  It keeps being on the brink of not working & falling into a cycle of repeating a phrase over & over & over & over again for hours.  It doesnít work properly anymore.  I canít properly distinguish things I like & dislike nor wrong from right.  Everything is turning gray.  Not shades of gray, but one solid color about the hue of an african elephant.  An elephant as strong as my body.