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QRD #31 from July 2006
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Jessica Bailiff interview
Tara Vanflower interview
Nathan Norman (Devo 2.0) interview
Alan Sparhawk interview
Heller Mason interview
Kimber Lanning interview
2:22 by Tara Vanflower
Murder Suicide by Tara Vanflower
My Name is Brian
The Transformation of Ernesto
I Heart FX - Jim DeJong
I Heart FX - Bill Horist
I Heart FX- Shiny Arnd the Edges
I Heart FX - Alan Sparhawk
I Heart FX - Jessica Bailiff
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Hey Kidz,

Only 2 months or so since the last issue, so it feels like 1996.  Plans for some upcoming stuff too.  The times have changed & the energy is starting to flow again after nearly five years of static with occasional rare transmissions.  Thank you all for the love, it means a lot to me.  I'd say us, but everyone knows there is no us.

We have a lot going on this issue.  An interview with Jessica Bailiff primarily about her new album.  An interview with Tara Vanflower about both her writing & musical careers.  An interview with Nathan Norman the guitarist & back-up vocalist of Devo 2.0.  A new interview with Alan Sparhawk about his recent solo guitar album.  What I believe to be the first ever interview with Todd Vandenberg who records under the name Heller Mason.  A brand new interview with our favorite record store owner Kimber Lanning about the state of the music industry & how it reflects america at large.  A couple short stories by Tara Vanflower called 2:22 & Murder Suicide.  An essay on why my name fits me called My Name is Brian.  A translation of an excerpt from a letter by Ernesto Guevara (better known as Che) called The Transformation of Ernesto.  Plus more of i heart fx with Jim DeJong (Infant Cycle), Bill Horist, Michael & Jennifer Seman (Shiny Around the Edges), Alan Sparhawk, & Jessica Bailiff.

I hope you guys like it.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.  Thanks for your interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell