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Lately I’ve been noticing the parallels between life & television.  It all starts so clear & focused.  A normal setting except for a single twist or quirk (like the dad staying at home in a domestic role or being a minor celebrity).  As time goes on the focus is lost.  The point & reasons for things becomes less obvious & jokes become more important & people start to turn into cartoons of their original visions.  The beauty starts to be in the “easter eggs” (the little hidden things from the set design & wardrobe staff), the son’s friend wearing a Neurosis t-shirt or a cousin with a Misfits poster on the wall.  The need comes to re-invent, to spin-off into a new series instead of a new season.  To move to a new city to get a new cast of friends.  To get back a clear focus in life.  To transform from a child to a teen to an adult to a parent to a grandparent.  To change from a joke stuck in stagnancy to an active blinding light at the center of a solar system.  An angelic column of fire in the desert.  You are not what you own or what you have been, but what you sculpt & mold into your new form.  A hero.  An icon.  A saint.  A glow of love late at night coming through a television screen.