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Job Reviews - IT Assistant
by Martin Newman

IT Assistant.  This is different than an actual IT employee because you donít have to get too involved with corporate BS like meetings, conference calls etcÖ but you still have to be on the front lines with stupidity for 8hours a day minimum.  The best way to describe this job is to say that you spend most of your day helping people that make thousands of dollars more than you do turn on their PCís or Monitors because they think itís broken because they didnít think that pressing the power button would be a good first step to working on a computer.  Exhibit A:  Employee A calls because heís trying to reboot his machine and he happens to be one of the clever ones that figured out you do this by hitting the power button, but the machine wonít turn off.  Simultaneously Employee B that sits right across from Employee A calls because his machine mysteriously shut down all on itís own.  They call IT because they canít work this through on their own.  Pros: You can get a lot of web-surfing, emailing and online bill paying/shopping done.  Cons: Exhibit A is a good day.