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Devo versus Kraftwerk

When I was first getting into music there were two art bands from ten years earlier who’s imagery & aesthetics & views of the future demanded my attention.  In a way Devo & Kraftwerk’s views of the future were polar opposites.  Kraftwerk were into a utopian future where man & machine functioned as one to the point humans became indistinguishable from robots.  Devo were into a primitive future with humans fighting to survive against the decay & destruction mankind had created with his own technology.  Both views of the future seemed at the very brink of possibility & are both perhaps even closer today.  Devo themselves say too many of their thoughts have come to pass with our consumer culture seeing things like “freedom” as an export & brand name.  As we humans seem to get more & more dependent on computers & have a lack of physical interaction & contact, we turn more & more into physical objects rather than human entities.  While recognizing our own humanity, we stop recognizing the humanity of others.  How many generations until only revolutionaries & ludites recognize themselves as individuals?  How long until these revolutionaries do something drastic & catastrophic to make us primitive & truly human again?  How long until devolution begins & changes our robot culture back to the beauty & splendor of a primitive golden age as foretold by the likes of Edgar Cayce & John Titor?