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Devo 2.0

So maybe you’ve already heard about it already, Devo 2.0 is 10-13 year-olds in Devo tribute band.  You think to yourself, “Who the hell would put this together?” & it’s the same people who put out the Devo muzak release – Devo themselves.  So despite the videos of the children performing (doing dance moves & faces clearly inspired by Devo themselves), the music on the disc is actually played by Devo.  The music is debatably sonically better than the original versions from twenty-some years ago.  The lyrics have been changed to make them much less sexual than the originals.  “Uncontrollable Urge” has had a few lyric changes that make it about an after school snack, “Girl You Want” is turned into “Boy You Want” & made chaste, but I think “Peek-a-Boo” & “Whip It” make it with the original lyrics intact.  In addition the record contains two new Devo songs.  The highlight of the Devo 2.0 release is the portion of the DVD with Devo 2.0 interviewing members of the original Devo who talk about touring with Devo 2.0 & doing identical sets.  Which brings up an interesting point, Devo 2.0 is doing live shows in which they play their own instruments which I guess is the ultimate test of a kid’s band.  In fact, Gerald Casale from Devo (who was the main proponent of the project) says that if Devo 2.0 is successful, they will collaborate with Devo for a next album.  Is this record just a novelty?  Probably so.  Is it another example of Devo’s insane marketing ideas & imagery? Absolutely.

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Devo 2.0 on iTunes