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Devo 2.0
Devo versus Kraftwerk
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Hey Kidz,

Only 5 months or so since the last issue, so we're getting things a little more together than we have in quite a while.  In fact we already have some of the interviews lined up for next issue.

We have a lot going on this issue.  An interview with one of the artists on the comic Grendel that I loved from the early 1980s, Arnold Pander.  A new interview with Chris Olley of Twelve & Six by Seven, I think it's the third we've done.  An interview with Josh Howard who is the creator of a relatively new comic called Dead@17 that you should check out.  An interview with singer-songwriter Jamie Barnes.  An interview with Jim DeJong of the band The Infant Cycle & the record label The Ceiling.  A piece called 14 year-old's dream about the fear of a self-fulfilled life.  A tribute piece about the passing of Charles Bronson.  Our first music review in a couple years is about the children's band Devo 2.0.  An article about the prophecies of the future made by two great bands in Devo versus Kraftwerk.  A story about the Parallels between life & television.  The return of Job Reviews with IT Assistant & Hotel Night Clerk.  & The return of i heart fx with Chris Olley & Jamie Barnes.

I hope you guys like it.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.  Thanks for your interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell