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Shaleesha Ferrari (KSUA) interview
Patrick Bryant (WMBR) interview
Will Dodson (WQFS/WMMT) interview
Michael Gira interview
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About QRD #25

This issue I had a big plan to do all these interviews with a lot of people behind the music scene.  With music directors & club owners & store owners & music critics & magazine people.  The problem I ran into was it's hard to do a bunch of interviews like that & to keep them all interesting, especially for reading in one session.  But anyway, I hope you do find them interesting even though some of the questions & answers are the same....

This issue marks the ninth anniversary of the printing of the first QRD.  It feels like it was something I recently saw on TV while going to sleep.  Almost-but-not-quite-real.  I guess sometimes the whole past feels that way.  I think my obsession/delussion with time travel is leaking out into all aspects of my life.