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#3 featuring probably the two most obscure bands (burMonter & 1SBH) & the only
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1SBH interview for QRD April 1995

these are pictures of 1SBH playing in Germany....

interview conducted by mail. 1SBH is a post punk german independent band with links to Cure & Joy Division, but also to Motorhead....  don't ask me about their names & answers.

1SBH – this interview was done on april 15th in a little pub in hamburg. the questions were answered by the members of 1SBH, billy breachbone (M.H.) & mr. slickstick (M.S.), & their long time companions S.G. & N.K. all answers were written without additives or preservatives of any kind. (we use no artificial colouring!)

QRD – some of your songs seem to be completely different musical styles, what musical categories do you think you have been or could be placed in?

S.G. – gothic pop.

M.H. – we donít compose by ourselves. we only transform disney soundtracks into another style.

M.S. – we belong to the category of bands that donít like to be placed in categories.

QRD – why do you have english lyrics instead of german?

N.K. – because if we wrote in german you wouldnít understand a simple bloody word of it, would you?

M.S. – english simply sounds better. in my opinion english is the better language to be sung, german to be spoken.

QRD – where/how did you learn english?

S.G. – kindergarten.

M.H. – we learned english from japanese cartoons which have been shown in brazil.

QRD – what are your biggest influences musically?

S.G. – sisters of cure.

N.K. – my mother.

M.S. – good old pop music of the early eighties. (Ultravox or Heaven 17 for example)

QRD – what kind of toothpaste do you think tastes best?

N.K. – spam.

M.H. – I always eat sand. thatís the best taste & the best cleaning.

QRD – are all your items self-released? what label if any would you like to work with?

M.S. – all our items are self-released. everything is written, arranged, & produced by 1SBH. the cover art of our tapes & the distribution is done by us as well. I contacted hundreds of labels, most of them were not even able to send me an answer. therefore I assume they would not be able to work with a band like us.

QRD – what countries are you popular/available in?

S.G. – northern hemisphere.

M.S. – germany, of course. our products are available from ourselves & a few german tape labels. beton tapes or maljugin musik for example.

QRD – do you ever play live? how many people are on stage?

S.G. – yes, two.

M.S. – we sometimes play live. we would like to play more often, but there are too many shows & little audience in hamburg to make it profitable. moreover we do not have the money to take a trip around the world & promote 1SBH. (though weíd like to, for sure.)

QRD – what does 1SBH mean or signify?

S.G. – Stefanís idea.

N.K. – one shits beyond horizon.

M.S. – I like these people wondering about the name. for that reason we wonít tell you what it really means. but it was Stefanís idea.

QRD – if you were a cold medicine, what kind would you be?

N.K. – when shall we three meet again, in thunder, in lightning, or in rain?

M.H. – two fingers in the throat.

Uhura – oh, oh, mr sulu, my tits are exploding....