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Hefner e-mail interview February 1, 2000

I know itís only a couple of issues ago that I did my last Hefner interview, but when you pretty much only listen to one cassette in your car, they infect you.  The more people I make listen to Hefner the more I see how much people instantly fall in love or hate with them.  I listen to them almost everyday. If you have internet access they have tons of stuff at www.hefnet.com

QRD – You've released several 4 song CD singles, how do you feel that the singles are different than the albums aside from the length?

Darren – Sometimes they're a little funnier and quirkier, itís hard to say why certain songs get chosen for certain things. Some of the EP songs are my favourites.

QRD – Are you getting uncomfortable with how popular your music is becoming?

Darren – NO, not really, I have a pretty private life, I want as many people to here the songs as possible.

QRD – What is your major instrument for writing the melodies of your songs (e.g. voice, guitar, piano, organ)?

Darren – I write nearly all the time on piano though I'm actually a lot better at playing the guitar. The struggle seems to make the tunes come quicker.

QRD – You said in a previous interview that touring isn't your favorite thing about being in a band, what is?

Darren – Recording is always my favourite part, though I enjoy touring more then I used to, as a result I think people are going to see a little more of Hefner live.

QRD – Do you think if your life became more secure & structured that you'd have less inspiration for writing songs?

Darren – I hope not, I used to think that way, but I'm nearly 30 so security holds some appeal for me. It didn't do Randy Newman any harm but then again look at Paul McCartney?

QRD – What's your favorite pizza topping?

Darren Ė Pepperoni.

QRD – What is your biggest musical influence that you feel cannot be easily sited in your work?

Darren – I was listening to Billy Joel non-stop through the writing and recording of The Fidelity Wars, & I don't think it shows.

QRD – Why did you start titling some of your songs hymns?

Darren – It was kind of like a writing exercise, write about things you like, I would think of the titles then force myself to write the song. Thereíre about 3 more but I don't know if they'll get released.

QRD – What do you think you'd be doing today if you hadn't become a musician?

Darren – An illustrator, some kind of artist.

QRD – There are several references on The Fidelity Wars to the use of alcohol to avoid reality, do you think doing this is a sign of weakness or just part of being alive?

Darren – It's a sign of weakness, but you know itís so common, I drink a little too much but there are worse things I could be doing.

QRD – The number of instruments used on your recordings has gone up, do you plan to continue expanding the instrumentation & do you feel it will become necessary to add more performers to your live line up?

Darren – I never feel the urge for the live sound to match the recorded sound. The next album will have more instruments on it, but I don't think we will have any more members on stage.

QRD – What percentage of your songs are true stories from your life?

Darren – Oohhhh oohhh hhhmmm III  dddoontt 9p86509yhtwyt9378y computers brookem dowm again.