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Moodring - Cottage Mess Moodring - Cottage Mess
MP3 Album 2017 | Silber 226
8 tracks, 35 minutes
$5 download
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Moodring is back to Silber with art rock jazz meditations recorded on the edge of a volcano.

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Track Listing:
Of Metal and Burning
Pete in a Cage
Snow Shadow
Become the Pillow
Nobel Iron
There is No Last Word
Loose Meat
Moodring sculpts mysterious aural universes on the captivating “Cottage Mess”. Throughout the album Moodring draws from a wide variety of styles, from the hazy dreams of Movietone’s ornate chamber pop to folk traditions from long ago. By treating these styles with the utmost of care the way they unfurl is quite naturalistic. Light touches and delicate flourishes emerge throughout the pieces for they possess a meditative quality to them. Such an approach yields great rewards for everything simply merges into a singular entity of sound. “Cottage Mess” thus feels series of songs and more akin to a series of suites, each one building off the last.
Setting the tone for the album is the lovely, Vibracathedral Orchestra influenced grandeur “Of Metal and Burning”. Organs swell up towards the heavens while wordless choirs hint at a ritualistic fervor. Much more direct in style is the limber groove of “Pete in a Cage” where shimmering layers of sound work wonders. Tasteful with a timeless spirit is the glorious meditation of “Snow Shafow”. Referencing a long-lost late 80s track is the shadowy work of “Become the Pillow” where everything feels submerged far under water, complete with a heartbeat-like drum kick which adds to the song’s level of intimacy. Quite elegant with its ebb and flow is the glorious “Nobel Iron” where the late-night noir quality of the song feels entrancing. Surreal with its manipulation is the hard to pin down quality of “Loose Meat”. Closing things off with a psychedelic fervor is the spirited flute work of “Thuja”.
Weird and wonderful, Moodring creates a spellbinding sound with “Cottage Mess”.
~ Beachsloth

North Carolina's Silber Records brings us Cottage Mess, the new album from Moodring. The eight tracks are atmospheric experimental music that pushes song structure boundaries where melodic and dissonant passages interplay with unique textures. This is an album about musical exploration with a near classical feel. A must have.
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots