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Luka Fisher
Luka Fisher - Internecine Vampires Luka Fisher - Internecine Vampires
MP3 Album 2018 | Silber 273
5 tracks, 18 minutes
$5 download
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Internecine Vampires is Luka Fisher's longest EP to date. This record is a continuation of Fisher's last two records Sleep Gallery & Mind Drone Business. This release is a free wheeling exploration of un-winnable situations & social conflict that drew inspiration from everything from chess, Star Trek, & Timothy Leary to considering the ways in which social groups too often fail to connect in meaningful ways. Fisher was also thinking about how queer & trans individuals are too often placed in the unwinnable situation of being evaluated on their ability to "pass" & considered inauthentic in relation to the "authentic" dominant culture. Rather than repeat these moves ad nauseam we need to imagine new games & new ways of being. The unwinnable situation is an invitation to redefine the terms of success; to imagine different ways of being & of relating to the world & those around you; to reject simple binaries & to reject the internecine vampires that lurk within ourselves & our culture. Individuals are meant to be recognized as just that, individuals. Think on & drone on.

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Track Listing:
Opening Theory
Maps Of Loss And Longing