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Heaven Falls Hard
Heaven Falls Hard: The Mercy-Go-Round Heaven Falls Hard - The Mercy-Go-Round
MP3 Album 2016 | Silber 202
8 tracks, 34 minutes
$5 download
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New album from 20 year minimalist darkwave veterans Heaven Falls Hard.

: Listen to the track Stars in My Eyes
: Press Release

Track Listing:
Beloved Someday
Stars in My Eyes
Shades of Sorrow
Your Winter
Safe Haven

FZB favorites, Silber Records, brings us, The Mercy-Go-Round, a new release from minimalist darkwave purveyors Heaven Falls Hard. The eight tracks grip you with powerful, haunting vocals, desperate guitars, deep sighs from synths and drums out of a dark battlefield. Ethereal, atmospheric and completely compelling, this album is super strong from start to finish. Silber never fails to bring us great music and this release is one of their best yet. Stream and buy The Mercy-Go-Round at the link below. Better yet, stick a crowbar in your wallet and buy the whole silber catalog at 40% off, you'll be supporting one of the most creative indie labels out there.
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots

Heaven Falls Hard’s “The Mercy-Go-Round” opts for a darkwave 90s sound. Within this singular anchoring approach there are stylistic variations: from folk to shoegaze to even a hint of classical floating their way into the ever-expanding mix. Flawlessly executed, the songs have a dreamy quality to them. Guitar work shimmers and shines with a brooding spirit. By far the heart of the album are the lovely vocals which grace the album. Lyrics have a poetic quality to them delivered with a strong sense of passion and purpose. Songs interact with each other to create something that feels warm, comforting, and real.
Gently opening the album is the reverie of “Beloved Someday”. Over the course of this piece synthesizer sweeps work wonders in creating an open, airy sound. Catchy to its core is the fiery delivery of “Loss”. Bass works wonders as it deftly explores every hint of darkness throughout the track. A tribal rhythm keeps “Stars in My Eyes” as a ceremonial song of sorts. Stripping the sound down to its absolute essentials is the tenderness of “Shades of Sorrow” with crisp acoustic guitar adding to the intimacy of the track. With an early 90s alternative rock sound is the grunge-influenced “Your Winter” where the vocals become a spirited choir. By far the highlight of the album is the blissful “Hidden”. On “Hidden” Heaven Falls Hard ties everything together with ease: from crystal clear vocals to the blurred bliss of the guitar work. “Ending” closes the album off on a whispered tragic note.
Absolutely engrossing, Heaven Falls Hard delivers a poignant album with “The Mercy-Go-Round”.
~ Beach Sloth

Once again it has been ages since we last had a full-length release of all new music from this talented duo and their guest musicians. The Mercy-Go-Round However, this work feels like a natural extension of their previous releases. There are no big sweeping changes here, no shock or questioning who this band is after all these years. The pure simplicity of the down-tempo music with haunting vocals is once again the strength from these artists. Spanning eight deliciously delicate pieces we have some great material to enjoy here.
From the very beginning of the album the listener is captivated by the haunting music as the distant echoing percussion coupled with the familiar guitar chords and subtle synths slowly drain the listener of any will to leave or listen to anything else. Stacye's magical vocals remain mesmerizing yet tainted with raw power and emotion as they portray the fateful lyrics. And all of this is just in the introductory track "Beloved Sunday". We find similar patterns and compositions across the rest of the album as we slowly drift from one haunting piece to the next as the music feels at times like it is simply pulling the listener's emotions to the surface, breaking down the walls and protective shells, leaving our souls laid bare before the world. The haunting beauty of the simple minimalistic compositions are spellbinding as we drift through "Loss" and on to the dark, yet mesmerizing "Stars In My Eyes" where the melodic vocals become more of the focus as the somber, slowly beating percussion set the pace for the equally slow beating of your heart as the eerie, but beautiful piano, subtle synths and guitars all take a role in the music.
At this point we reach the latter half of the album as the somber, simple pieces come one after another. Maintaining much the same tempo and style throughout while each selection still stands on its own against the other tracks on the album. "Shades of Sorrow" really keeps it simple while "Your Winter" brings out a bit more intensity in the guitars and drums creating a slow, but more powerful gothic sound. "Safe Haven" drifts back into a simpler approach and has a little bit more of a lilt to the overall rhythm and mood including an old rhyme "starlight, starlight first star I seek tonight...". The deper, darker guitars come out in a more prominent role on "Hidden" giving it a bit more of a forboding sound before slowly drifting off into the haunting finale aptly titled "Ending". Piano, soft vocals and a distant wind compose the sounds of this soft and dreamy piece to bring the album perfectly to a close.
Overall another great masterpiece from these talented artists. Their 20 year anniversary album "20 Years of Tears" is so perfect for their music. It touches the soul of the listener and brings out the inner beauty of the dark and haunting music. Simple but beautiful, soft yet captivating and simply perfect. Definitely a great addition to our collection and highly recommended for yours!
~ Gothic Paradise

The US dark-wave duo Heaven Falls Hard released the LP The Mercy-Go-Round earlier in the month.
The just over half an hour eight track album is a dark cloak of despondency that will have you coming back for more.
The penultimate number Hidden encapsulates the beauty of the compositions as synthesiser and melancholic guitar splice inside one another like treacle gliding off a spoon. The dark molasses form shadowy shapes which contort inside themselves, whilst the extended voice gently attenuates, akin to espying someone gently expiring.
~ Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands