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Electric Bird Noise
Electric Bird Noise - Late Electric Bird Noise - The Spider...The Christ Child.....The Crow
MP3 EP 2016 | Silber 237
9 tracks, 33 minutes
$3 download
For the past two years one of the primary facets of Electric Bird Noise has been the discordant chorded minimalist guitar jazz music for art galleries of Kind of Black, Birth, & Follow the Star & The Spider…The Christ Child…..The Crow continues this series with chords fingered by spiders, plucked by crows, & built for The Christ Child. It’s not a horror movie, it’s a celebration!

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Track Listing:
neves ytnewt
thgie ytnewt
enin ytnewt
eno ytriht
owt ytriht
eerht ytriht
ruof ytriht
evif ytriht

If I stuck out a press release saying this was an undiscovered 1960’s spin-off created by tripped out off-duty members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, there’s a strong chance that people would believe me (assuming they didn’t google it).
It’s a warm piece of organic, analogue-feeling but not excessively lo-fi, sinister avantgarde performance, with slow guitar loops at its core. With filmic reverb, uncomfortable drunken flange-like note-twisting and Lygeti-esque sustained choral-ish high notes and some elements played in reverse, it’s a familiar enough set of ingredients but sincerely mixed.
Though split into nine relatively short parts (numbered “twenty seven” to “thirty five”, albeit with the letters reversed), it’s a coherent 33-minute-long work that could be regarded as one piece in nine stanzas; no one piece breaks or challenges the tone. “Thirty one” (sorry, “eno ytriht”) is the most complete standalone piece that develops within itself, many of the others are little more than one evolving loop, but it flows well, especially the heightening tension in the finale “evif ytriht”.
Described in the press release as “discordant chorded minimalist guitar jazz music for art galleries”, I wouldn’t challenge that, especially with the emphasis on discordant.
~ Stuart Bruce, Chain D.L.K.

The aural equivalent of taking the brown acid, Electric Bird Noise’s “The Spider…The Christ Child…The Crow” is a dark kind of beauty. Songs find themselves twisted and contorted into dazzling displays of pitch black colors. With such attention to detail the multiple layers of sound collide and split apart revealing vast universes hidden underneath, just out of view. By opting for such a loose and free approach the songs feel nearly endless in scope. Throughout it all what ties the album together is a sense of purpose, of unsettling the mood.
“neves ynewt” starts the album off right with mere whispers from the guitar. From there the guitar eventually grows ever more chaotic until it becomes all-engrossing. Discordant echoes emerge from the madness of “thgie ytnewt”. Almost settling into a strange groove of sorts is the No Wave inspired work of “enin ytnewt” one of the highlights of the album. Quite muscular is the bass rumblings of “ytriht” whose sense of panic feels palpable. A sense of hesitancy holds onto the uneasy atmospheres of “owt ytriht”. By far the highlight of the album, the way the guitar strumming resembles a miniature symphony gives the song true power. Drones drift by with a leisurely sensibility on the surprisingly airy “ruof ytriht”. Bringing the album to a wonderful conclusion is the spacious echoes of “evif ytriht”.
Best taken in as a whole, Electric Bird Noise sculpts sound with an artist’s precision on the mysterious “The Spider…The Christ Child…The Crow”.
~ Beach Sloth