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CD Album 2000 | Silber 013
14 tracks, 71 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~126 megs))
: Listen to the track Case Summary January 15, 1981
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Scotty Irving is most easily defined as a 'percussionist' by those who have seen/heard him play LIVE.  But, his recordings, as Clang Quartet [his solo performance vehicle] are another thing entirely.  The studio becomes an instrument on this, CQ's second solo CD release this year (the first is an unedited live concert recording entitled CQ:4-15-00 on InstrumenTales Records), Irving, who has been featured in Modern Drummer employs [from liner notes] electrified handsaw/stapler/water bottle-combo, used with an E-Bow & drumstick; electric guitar without strings; hockey mask covered with finger cymbals and bells (shake face); junk metal percussion; cicadas; sounds made under a bridge; broken cymbal that is beaten/sawed/dropped/... ; family tapes; dead tree used as a drum, & a creek.  Throughout, Irving expresses opinions regarding spirituality & education.  This stuff ROCKS like Caroliner Rainbow used to rock! Great.
~ Improvijazzation

I’ll start this review by quoting Scott Irving (a.k.a. Clang Quartet) himself: “The average Christian will probably have a big problem with something like this because they have an idea what a song is & what isn’t.”  That being said, this isn’t your typical collection of rock or pop songs, on the contrary this is something utterly original.  Clang Quartet blends visceral sounds assembled from regular instruments like guitars, drums, & keyboards with a somewhat primordial & what’s available at the moment kind of instrumentation ranging from the electrified hand saw to the bell & finger cymbal covered hockey mask (shake face).  Jihad is basically 66 minutes of free & imaginative sound collages with underlying structures, may it be the pulsing electronica that teases your senses & ear drums all the way through “Idiot” or the fuzzy guitar attacks of the quite wonderful “Jihad – Round 2.”  Sources & means may vary, but Irving can look down with pride on this accomplished work.  This is as hinted above not an easy record to get into, but the time it takes to do so will seem well invested when you look back at things in a couple of weeks time.
~ The Broken Face