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Chvad SB
Chvad SB - Structure Chvad SB - Structure
MP3 Album 2017 | Silber 257
2 tracks, 44 minutes
$5 download
Listen on Silber | Listen on Bandcamp | Listen on Spotify absolute must have...
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots

Chvad SB’s sonic experiments focus on new sounds & textures, but always with a human edge. On Structure we have densely droning stings & slide guitar for tow slabs of drone caught in an endless moment.

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Track Listing:

North Carolina's ethereal auteurs Silber Records bring us Structures, a hauntingly charming guitar drone from Chvad SB. The album encompasses two 20+ minute pieces of sculptured sonic hegemony, that swirl, glisten, crackle and shout with stunning effect. The album is minimalist and engaging, with lots of edge to tread and spark to admire. Love this one, and an absolute must have.
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots

The US drone creator Chvad SB released the two track single Structure on the 29th of December.
The two track single (available on bandcamp) runs for roughly three quarter of an hour of immersive soundscape.
The opening track Column sits around an extended note from which half-caught inflections almost imperceptibly surface akin to, invisible to the naked eye, imperfections in glass.
Pillar, my pick of the release, is a blurry flow of frequencies which clear to reveal, again, an extended single note, circled by detuned melodics of guitar.
As is usually the case with drone – be in no hurry having hit play as Pillar lasts the better part of twenty two minutes.
~ Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands