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Nonconnah - winter Nonconnah - Winter EP III
MP3 EP 2018 | Silber 278
9 tracks, 27 minutes
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Freezing dreams & frozen nightmares from Nonconnah

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Track Listing:
After The Tribulations
I Have A Strange Relationship With Time These Days
Body Horror
The Nightmare At The End Of The Tape
Laments Cross Open Land
Out Beyond The Brownfields And The No-Man's Lands
Driving Away For The Last Time Without Looking Back
Airsick Before Takeoff
Pictured Here In Happier Times

“Winter” is a mellow collection of seven short atmospheres built around sustained, reverberant, slowly looping gentle guitar notes, bathed in icy tones and cold, smooth drones. Despite starting out with ‘proper’ guitars, heavy use of reverse effects throughout give things an ethereal, synthesized tone.
Nonconnah, the new monicker of Zach & Denny Corsa formerly known as Lost Trail, are now based in Tennessee, but to an outsider this sounds more like a sonic representation of the open whiteness found in Alaska- spacious, broad, quiet, with an emptiness that might mean melancholy to some listeners, freedom to others.
The faintly choral tone of “Snowplows” is mesmeric and it’s a genuine shame that it’s only three minutes long. Some tracks, like “Downhill Trailer”, stop rather abruptly, leaving you wishing these ideas had been fleshed out into an album rather than a twenty-minute EP.
Ostensibly this is part of Silber’s Christmas series, but don’t worry, there’s not a single sleigh bell in sight and there’s no reason why you couldn’t enjoy this mellow Wintery soundscape at any time...
~ Stuart Bruce, Chain D.L.K.

I'm assuming this one is part of the Silber seasonal selections, six in total to sample with Nonconnah's ghost droning delights finding themselves stepping up to the plate. Featuring nine twilight charms, 'Winter EP III' is not the glooming grimness that some of the titles might first betray or hint towards, neither so does the very brief liner note add with any glimmer of hospitality, simply preferring to note 'freezing dreams & frozen nightmares from Nonconnah'. That said, there's no doubt that an overcoming air of mournfulness attaches in a large part to these cavernous ice sculptures, the ominously titled 'body horror' a shimmering pulse wave of parched and poised porcelain pristine is despatched with a finite frailty while 'nightmare at the end of the tape' is crushed with bruising ache whose spectral monastic mosaics pot mark it with a sighing and desperate despair. But then from the deepest wells of lonesome solemn emerges the radiant visitation that is 'Laments Cross Open Land', with its bliss blistering and heavenly haloing, a beautifully serene renewal veers into view bathing all in a deeply spiritual oneness, really is most beguiling.
~ Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience