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Andrew Weathers, photo by Andrew Marino
Andrew Weathers - They Turned the Heat On Andrew Weathers - They Turned the Heat On
MP3 EP 2012 | Silber 138
5 tracks, 5 minutes
$1 download
A collection of banjo improvisations from the man with Silber blood in his veins, Andrew Weathers.  Does studying the craft side of music create new possibilities or stifle creativity?

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Track Listing:
Most Days It's Sunny and Warm, In Oakland At Least
But, You Know, I Still Wear My Sweaters, It Gets Cold Here Sometimes
So I Was Glad When My Building Manager Turned On The Heat
Summer Lasts Until October
The Weather In California Is Nice

Andrew Weathers is an accomplished experimental touring musician who just got his master’s degree in electronic music from Mills College. His latest project, They Turned the Heat On, is featured as one of Silber Media’s “five songs in five minute EPs” which are free to stream or $1 to download.
The recordings on this EP blend Weathers’ goals of both creative direction to his banjo playing, heading towards technical expertise associated with academia, and representing the inspiration and improvisation that is essential to art. The pieces were all recorded sitting on his bed in California waiting for the heat in his apartment to be turned on in hopes of warming his fingers.
~ Painting the Silence

Andrew Weathers enjoys himself quite thoroughly on ‘They Turned the Heat On’. The title is intentional. Warmth radiates from these pieces. Finger-picking rarely sounds this good. Certain elements of it hark back to John Fahey’s style of American Primitive. Based more around the emotional core than traditional structure these are beautiful pieces that resonate with spontaneity. Although Andrew Weathers deliberately limits himself to the guitar he explores every aspect of his instrument. By playing around with the ideas he creates new forms.
For the beginning he literally runs around madly. Activity is at an absolute peak with this work. Little collisions happen on this piece over and over, within a mere minute. On the second piece he allows for more ‘reflective silence’. Here things are allowed to breathe a bit more. Things are deliberately loosened up for maximum effect. Right in the middle he explores the low and high elements giving each plenty of time.
By the end he begins to ease up on the relentless energy of the beginning. Sounds are given yet more free space to roam wild. For the finale ‘The Weather In California Is Nice’ things become surprisingly accessible. He forms a jaunty little tune. Gone is the earlier experimentation. Rather he appears to enjoy this effort. Resting in a comfortable groove Andrew Weathers sounds quite confident in his abilities. Overall the EP is a delightful surprise. Experimentation with acoustic guitars ought to be done right. And Andrew Weathers knows how to do it right.
~ Beach Sloth