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I realized Alan was a guitar player I admired the first time I heard Songs for a Dead Pilot in 1998.
~ Brian John Mitchell, Remora

About Alan Sparhawk

Alan Sparhawk is best known for his work in his minimalist-pop band Low & his angst-ridden-blues band The Black-Eyed Snakes.  His solo guitar-work follows sounds hinted at on songs like "Do You Know How To Waltz" or the Songs for a Dead Pilot version of "Will the Night".  Reverb driven ambient guitar experiments like other Silber artists Remora, Aarktica, & Mike VanPortfleet.

Alan Sparhawk solo discography

solo guitar
CD Album 2006 | Silber 049
9 tracks, 43 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~80 megs))
Solo guitar explorations & drones from Low's illustrious frontman.
: Listen to the track how the weather comes over the central hillside
: Press Release
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