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Aarktica: Live at KUCI Live at KUCI 6/15/05
MP3 EP 2009 | Silber 083
5 tracks, 31 minutes
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After the release of Bleeding Light, Aarktica did a short West Coast tour with most of the full live band. During this trip the band was invited to perform live on the air at KUCI in Irvine, CA. These tracks, recorded live, capture the rawness, tension & dynamics of Bleeding Light-era Aarktica & represent the only live shows done outside of New York City for this album. A very different animal than the on-record Aarktica most know, the live shows of this era featured the virtuosity of free jazz greats Mike Pride & James Duncan on drums & trumpet, respectively Just listen to the drum breaks toward the end of “A Shadow Knife,” & the trumpet solos on “OJ Gude.”

: Press release

A live and full-band set from ‘Drone Pop’ maestro Jon De Rosa, hand-picked from a 2005 tour, said to be a very different beast altogether from the solo-work on De Rosa’s records.
~ Phantomchannel

Probably the most subtle of the Silber releases I've listened to so far, Aarktica tip-toe the thin line between post-rock and dream-pop/shoegaze: slow, methodical build-ups and blissful wall-of-sound embraces, with the surprise (and lovely) addition of vocals, horns and electronics. Don't be scared by the "post-rock" tag, I promise you this is not Explosions In The Sky-lite or crescendo-core.
~ Young Pilot Astray

Another new one from Brian and company is a new CD by the hardly working Aarktica, who’ve just come out with a new release already – it’s a taped live show at the studios of small college radio station KUCI – probably from the campus of UC-Irvine(?) just a guess from the call letters.
Anyway, this free-form, live show is awash in real instrumentation as well as real drums and percussion. It even has a bit of that passionate Latin spark- almost Cuban in some parts, Brazilian or West Indies in others. For example: the first two tunes “Depression Modern” but especially “OJ Guide”. From there on it stays in the same vein – dark, doomy, dirge-like bass-droning and a little bit of twangy guitar to help out in that same eerie twang-thing going on there. I know this isn’t the first Aarktica CD that I’ve come around but it looks like I am going to have to go back to the label and get some ones that I missed. But for now, take my word for it – these guys rock all over the place.
~ Kent Manthie, Reviewer Magazine