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Aarktica -- ambient atmospheric guitarscapes by Jon DeRosa

Alien Sex Fiend -- i don't know how to describe them, they're a band & you can dance to them

Attrition -- a european electronic band varying from dance to ambient drones

black tape for a blue girl -- a goth/ethereal band

burMonter -- a bliss pop band with female vocals that i'm secretly involved with

dead leaves rising -- dark acoustic guitar based songs by Jon DeRosa

Polly Jean Harvey -- i like her stuff

Hefner -- they make jangle pop about getting mail & stuff

Jarboe -- you know her from her days in Swans

Legendary Pink Dots -- they do a lot of styles, i guess they're the trance music equivalent to the Beatles

Lycia -- an atmospheric band that is amazing, probably the most official QRD band

Pineal Ventana -- orchestrated noise rock & some of their songs are about zombies

Ring -- Filip Andersen's band, dark folk & noise from norway

Soul Whirling Somewhere -- heartfelt semi-acoustic moody pop by Michael Plaster

Swans -- probably the single most important band to me ever, i can't explain them

Tara Vanflower -- Tara from Lycia's own website, simple colorful & cool

Zeta -- a band combining analog synths & acoustic instruments

record labels

AdAstra -- an ambient record label

Bedazzled -- a moody pop oriented record label

Beggars Banquet -- they've recently taken a lot of independent labels under their wings....

BlueSanct Musak -- a cool underground indie label with links to Low & lovesliescrushing

brighter records -- Jon DeRosa of Dead Leaves Rising's independent record label

Glitter Music -- a little tape label from north carolina

GMC -- an underground industrial label from new jersey with lots of sound files to hear

Hour of God -- record label run by members of burMonter

Projekt -- an ethereal gothic record label

Silber Records -- isn't it cute that i have a little label

Somnimage --  a new label releasing a tribute to Franz Kafka that includes Remora & Attrition

Unit Circle -- an underground label from seattle, now featuring Pineal Ventana


AB-CD -- this is a good record store

Daddy's Junky Music -- the place to go to buy used musical equipment

Digital Music Zone -- learn how to make your own effects

Ed Klein's music database -- if you want to find out about underground bands, go here

stinkweeds -- maybe america's best record store.  located in tempe, arizona

Trouser Press -- you know them, they make those music history books

United States Postal Service -- everyone loves the post office


Aural Innovations -- a space rock zine, maybe the space rock zine

Autoreverse -- a zine about home recording & related cool stuff

EraserHead Press -- they make noir lit zines

Grave Concerns -- goth & industrial interview oriented zine

Industrial Nation -- this is a really cool zine about hmmm... i forget what kind of music

Morbid Outlook -- good design & some cool stuff, it's gothie

Outsight -- a zine of zines

Straight Edge -- hungary's awesome underground zine

Vendetta -- finally a website to america's favorite moody pop zine

internet radio

Internet Radio Free Kansas -- prog rock & post alternative

Sounds of Tomorrow -- internet radio specializing in drone style music

WXDU -- Duke's college station, good stuff.

WXYC -- from UNC-Chapel Hill, where else can you hear Huddie Ledbetter & Glenn Branca in a row?

other stuff

Alt X -- an interactive literary site by Mark Amerika

Batman Beyond -- the best action oriented cartoon since the Maxx

Douglas Coupland -- the guy who wrote Generation X & a lot of other good books

Dwellers of the Outback -- this Maxx site has a lot of interviews with Sam Keith

Eraserhead Press -- mini-publisher of avant & horror including zombie stuff

Lisa Frank -- what great pictures she does

E. Katie Holm -- a good photographer & a nice girl

Franz Kafka -- what an incredible visionary, what he's famous for isn't even his best stuff

Maxx's cardboard box -- a cool site about the Maxx comic book

Nathanam -- live show tape trades & some interviews to read

Oddmusic -- find out about strange, cool, & recently invented musical instruments

Red Dwarf -- a british sci-fi sitcom

Ben Stein -- he's not just a gameshow host & comedian, he's a great writer.  read his book Dreemz

Kimberlee Traub -- she's a great artist, she does the covers for zombie kisses

Melissa Williams -- the co-developer of this web-site, check it out

WNCW -- this is a great radio station

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