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A Brief History of Baptizer
Baptizer is Christian noise & power electronics from North Carolina. 

Baptizer Silber Discography
Baptizer - Holy War Renewal Baptizer - Holy War Renewal
MP3 Album 2017 | Silber 246
14 tracks, 61 minutes
$5 download
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Baptizer is noise & drone & power electronics & industrial & southern & anti-modern & Christian & intense.  We get it; it’s not for everybody.  It’s music by & for those who feel trapped in the wrong place in space & time.  A nightmare, a dream, or a world of its own.  If you can imagine Phillip K Dick & Ezra Pound & Saint Ignatius of Loyola collaborating & collaging & colliding, you won’t be far off the mark.  Enter the caverns & be saved from the modern world by the hands of Baptizer.

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