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Andrew Weathers, photo by Andrew Marino
a brief history of Andrew Weathers:
Andrew Weathers is the biological son of Brian John Mitchell (Remora/Small  Life Form).  They have a duet record about their relationship recorded in 2010 & released in 2012.

Andrew Weathers Silber Discography
Andrew Weathers - They Turned the Heat On Andrew Weathers - They Turned the Heat On
MP3 EP 2012 | Silber 138
5 tracks, 5 minutes
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A collection of banjo improvisations from the man with Silber blood in his veins, Andrew Whethers.  Does studying the craft side of music create new possibilities or stifle creativity?

: Listen to the track Most Days It's Sunny and Warm, In Oakland At Least
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Drone is in the Blood Brian John Mitchell & Andrew Weathers
Drone is in the Blood

MP3 Album 2012 | Silber 113
8 tracks, 54 minutes
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Estranged father & son record an album about their relationship. Just read the press release, it's a long story.

: Listen to the track Only Dream You
: Press Release
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Andrew Weathers Links:
Andrew Weathers official website