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Five songs in five minutes
Bronze Eye + LD - Adventures In Love and Culture: ONCEABILITY Bronze Eye + LD - Adventures In Love and Culture: ONCEABILITY
MP3 EP 2016 | Silber 220
5 tracks, 5 minutes

At Silber we’re pretty excited about Adventures In Love and Culture: ONCEABILITY because it is conceptually pretty much everything we’re all about, especially with the 5in5 series. Two artists living a couple thousand miles away from each other who've never met in person with very different approaches to music meet through a release on Silber (LD’s 5in5 from last year - The Just-World Phenomenon) & end up working on a release on Silber. Pushing each other out of their comfort zones to make something neither would do alone. Electronics & chaos from Bronze Eye & crafted poetic lyrical precision from LD. A soundtrack to a dream where two worlds collide like a medieval minstrel busking on a space station.

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Track Listing:
Neoplasticism and Degradation
The Sword in My Dreams
Mortality Salience
From ‘A Haunted House’

Five songs in five minutes.
From Silber's diverse conceptual series.
Ambience, violins, found sound, poetry.
Musical theatre, distortion, echo chambers.
Like five truncated album intros.
~ Stuart Bruce, Chain DLK