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Five songs in five minutes
Muscle Mass - Atrophy Muscle Mass - Atrophy
MP3 EP 2013 | Silber 140
5 tracks, 5 minutes

Muscle Mass is minimalist aggressive synth pop. I never quite figured out what chillwave is, but maybe it sounds like this?

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Track Listing:
Dream Riff
4 Beat
Love Money

Muscle Mass uses good taste in these arrangements. Simultaneously celebrating the past and future, ‘Atrophy’ manages its electronic sound for fun. Whether with actual beats or not there’s a steady sense of flow that’s rather comforting. Everything on here happens to fit together so well. ‘Atrophy’ possesses a wordless narrative which helps these pieces work together so gallantly. Though many of the sounds many hark back to the past Muscle Mass makes sure to reference more modern developments as well. Beats on here attest to that with their light pings. Only the synthesizers contain the deeper sounds.
‘Dream Riff’ starts off right. The sound is that of Spectrum Spools. Calm peaceful and beat-less the song is a wonderful introduction. ‘4 Beat’ introduces the beat as a tiny little visitor. By the middle ‘Love Money’ there’s considerable more exploration of the beat with less emphasis on melody. On ‘Sambanthem’ repetition drives the power of the piece. Melody begins to become reintroduced. However all of these early pieces feed into the ultimate big picture on ‘Undeniable’.
‘Undeniable’ brings together the previous sections into a more coherent whole. Dance music is referenced in a tongue in cheek manner. The beat is extremely simple. Yet behind it the synthesizer broods hoping for something a little better. How the beat appears to lose its way falling over itself halfway into the piece shows how Muscle Mass can have repetition play a huge role in the work. Thus the entirety of ‘Atrophy’ is perfect for its exploration of the simpler impulses.
~ Beach Sloth