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Five songs in five minutes
Matteo NonMiPiaceIlCirco Preabianca - A Kind of World Matteo "NonMiPiaceIlCirco" Preabianca - A Kind of World
MP3 EP 2014 | Silber 162
5 tracks, 5 minutes

Matteo "NonMiPiaceIlCirco" Preabianca creates five sonic sketches from another world.

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Track Listing:
Miles, no Davis
Francisco Orleans
Puebla vs. Milan

Pieces are playthings on “A Kind of World”. The songs are intimate small creatures. Length-wise they last exactly as long as they need to. By keeping things brief the songs are able to explore microscopic details. Amplified sounds beyond belief serve as the focus of each track. Small gestures are explored and developed in full throughout these several pieces. Rhythm, melody, these things are unnecessary in the wild lands of “A Kind of World”.
Opening up with “Miles, no Davis” Matteo lets the song start the collection off on a light note. The work echoes and has slight elements of a song structure. With dry delivery the song gains a reflective approach. What follows is perhaps the prettiest song on the entire collection the tactile “Bratislavskaya”. Unconventional in beauty the piece’s small pings reveal a rather joyful approach. On the other side of the spectrum are the harsh noises of “Australiana”. Gone is any attempt at beauty. Noisy, brutal, it is a difficult piece. “Francisco Orleans” disorients the listener. While chipmunk levels of sped up conversations occur random bursts of a song come flowing into the mix. None of it makes sense and overall a sense of drunkenness pervades the piece. Ending things off on a clear note are is the tender touch of “Puebla vs. Milan”.
These are strange bizarre creatures. Teeming with life they come together to explore a world just beyond the average person’s sense of perception. They are magnificent testament to small moments.
~ Beach Sloth

Italian artist Matteo Preabianca is, perhaps, best known for being the creative force in Italian project Non Mi Piace Il Circo. As a solo artist he doesn’t appear to have established a firm presence yet, although his language CD “Italian Lessons” seems to be fairly well known. “A Kind of World” appears to be his debut production as a solo musical artist however, and was released by US label Silber Records towards the end of 2014 as a part of their ongoing 5-in-5 conceptual range of EPs, where the concept is to create a 5 minute long EP with a total of 5 compositions.
Preabianca’s take on this task results in creations that by and large exist outside of the norms of conventional music. We’re treated to one set of spoken words over gliding instrument textures, a lo-fi mono recording of what may or may not be a steel piano, a constellation of rhythm sounds that may or may not be various instances of coins dropped on a wooden table, one piece that sounds like talking mice frantically running away from trumpet like sounds and at last an ongoing gentle metallic percussion with interludes from a broken, distanced elderly and presumably male voice. All of them intriguing to a lesser or greater degree, but few of them creations that can safely be placed inside a context of conventional music per se.
Those who are in the mood for 5 minutes of unconventional moods and atmospheres should find this production to be an intriguing one however.
~ Olav Martin Bjørnsen, House of Prog

Briefly described as ‘sonic collages’ you suspect the expansive sound and creative intent of Matteo Preabianca might well suffer in terms of getting its point over and being truly able to sufficiently breathe and blossom. Fear not for despite the time limitations Preabianca manages with much aplomb to shoehorn in a vast array of sound, style and ambition as to have you literally reeling in admiration. The crypto titled ‘miles, no Davis’ opens proceedings swathing all in a swirling ice sculptured ambient velour propelled by streams of consciousness, the next ‘bratislavskaya’ comes uncharacteristically and by that I mean by title alone you’d expect some Soviet styled regalia instead surprisingly it ushers in adorned in serene bowed chimes that exude a demurring Orient by twilight appeal. ‘Australiana’ likewise arrives reliant on textures in this case a kind of fireworks pageantry while by the time you arrive at ‘Francisco Orleans’ you begin to suspect that the set is a skewed rough guide to native sounds of sorts with this un capturing the jazz spirit perfectly albeit sepia tweaked and somewhat warped in its tonality and execution. Last up ‘puebla vs. milan’ insists on the most simple lullaby motif turned out by dinky twinkling bell corteges.
~ Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience