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Five songs in five minutes
Heaven Falls Hard - Three Hundred Seconds Heaven Falls Hard - Three Hundred Seconds
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 194
5 tracks, 5 minutes

On Three Hundred Seconds, Heaven Falls Hard presents five pieces creating a cinematic soundtrack to the last five minutes of life. Paying homage to the classic soundtrack work of John Carpenter, Goblin, & Ennio Morricone; an imaginary film easily comes to mind of one coming to terms & embracing a final rest. Sit back & let your imagination make an epic short film.

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Track Listing:
Death and Decision
Less Traveled

For fans of: Imaginary music, sounds and noises, Halloween music, John Carpenter's soundtracks, Goblin's work on the movie Suspiria, the creepiness of the Creepshow movies, Ennio Mariconne, Zombi (band), Zombi 2 (movie), goth, darkwave, and shoegaze....pretty much anything that brings up dark, atmospheric, and ominous in a cheesy/great 80's horror/sci-fi movie (wink, wink John Carpenter and Dario Argento.)
This was a very unique find to come across.  If it’s anything I like about watching a good if not great movie especially anything of the 80's era, I love hearing a great fucking soundtrack!!! That's a necessity watching an 80's movie particularly horror/sci-fi, was hearing a bad ass soundtrack whether it was an original or put together score. Soundtracks to me just bring up so many memories I have of the past or it's just something cool to listen to that would add effect to the movie.  But I loved directors that would use original music for the film especially John Carpenter or Dario Argento.  Because if it's done right too, it can set the mood of the movie or add suspense to it.  And what I'm getting at is that, that's why I'm glad I heard about Heaven Falls Hard.  Their latest release Three Hundred Seconds is a very, VERY short album but it has amazing music that just brings up all kinds of moods/suspense from all types of movies that I have seen.  And that's saying a lot considering that the EP, Three Hundred Seconds, has only five songs with each song being only a little under or a little over one minute long.  Now saying that, when I first saw the length of the songs I was like what the fu....are these just snippets of songs but the longest song is in fact only 1:26.  You would think that this is not giving the listener much to work with but there is a lot going on in these songs (and if you have half a brain to use this thing called "imagination") that just make you feel like you are listening to songs off of some pretty bad ass movies that would be great for suspense especially.
The first track "Death and Decision" (00:42) right off the bat has some dark synths and sound effects like I'm watching something more sci-fi/horror such as Carpenter's The Thing or Ridley Scott's Alien.  Then the second track "Less Traveled" (00:50) switches up to more of a melody bringing up Goblin's work on the movie Suspiria or yet again a Carpenter movie only it reminds me of all horror sounding like Halloween or something that could have sounded as you were just about to see a first glance of Freddy Krueger's house on Wes Craven's A Nightmare On Elm Street.  "Less Traveled" is definitely the climax of Three Hundred Seconds.  I just love that occult melody vibe I get from listening to it that really does sound like Goblin would have done for their work with Dario Argento's Suspiria (I can't bring up that movie enough in case you can't tell, SUSPIRIA, is a fantastic flick) or the Creepshow movies even.  But then the mood switches up completely with the next track "Exposed" (00:44) which has to be HFH's softest and calmest song on the EP.  The only movies that really come to mind are the ominous parts in a Hellraiser movie right before Pinhead was about to tear someone's soul apart or even one of my cult favorites The Crow.  Then the fourth track "Triumph" (1:26) takes hold of some electronic drum beats that kind of give off a goth feeling like I'm watching a bad ass kill scene in Suspiria.  Then the album closes out with "Solace" (1:18) which is very blissful.  The chimes are just very hauntingly calm like just watching the end credits to a sci-fi film, Carpenter comes to mind once again like The Thing.
So if you’re into just good old fashion 80's horror/sci-fi related sounds I would recommend Three Hundred Seconds by Heaven Falls Hard.  It's short and worth a few moments of your time.  I just can't get over the fact for a give or take, more or less five minute EP that brings up so much suspense.  It's chilling as if you were just listening to a soundtrack of more than one old 80's cheesy (and I do mean that in a damn great way) horror/sci-fi movie.  I just mentioned at least more than five movies that come to mind, so check it out for yourself and tell me what kind of movies this music brings to mind???  I think HFH did an amazing job on capturing the sound they were going for and it works.  It's nice to hear something that not only brings up memories of why I absolutely FUCKING love 80's horror/sci-fi but it also adds so much suspense on what the listener is listening to in such a short period of time!!! Give it a listen to and tell me what type of movies come to mind while listening to Heaven Falls Hard?
~ Zero Signal Magazine

Silber record’s 5in5 EP series is back!  The latest 5 minute EP comes from Gothic duo Heaven Falls Hard.  On Three Hundred Seconds, Heaven Falls Hard presents five pieces creating a cinematic soundtrack to the last five minutes of life. Their interpretation of the end seems to be one of dark yet calm drift off towards oblivion. There is no fast flashback, or a light at the end to go towards, rather it just ends. The three hundred second bleak journey of no return is full of atmosphere and vivid imagery that would act as a brilliant soundtrack to any movie involving death or any scary / horror scenes.
‘Death and decision’ starts in a dark but calm manner, with curious field recordings to make you feel like you are out in a swamp at dusk. ‘Less traveled’ takes over with a chilling keyboard sounding like the soundtrack to a movie just before something scary is about to happen and the intensity is building. Exposes brings in soft charismatic sounds, backed with spooky background sounds, feeling like you are in the middle of a cemetery. 'Triumph' is a much livelier track with an energetic electronic Gothic sound. ‘Solace’ then closes things off with a slow but sure drift towards the end and finally fading away at its “death”.
This is quite a sensational EP. Over the 5 minutes all manner of imagery and atmosphere is explored with the sounds alone provoking though about what is to come at the end.
~ Tomatrax

Creepy and cloaked in darkness, Heaven Falls Hard delivers a doom-laden sound with “Three Hundred Seconds”. Every moment counts for the atmosphere the group establishes adds to the disoriented experience. Pieces waft in and out with such translucent spirits. Nothing is stable all remains in a state of flux. Textural exploration is of the utmost importance for the entirety of the collection focuses on mood more than anything else. Elements within the sound include nods to industrial, drone, metal, and goth. By keeping such a wide variety of approaches in play the songs manage to surprise and confuse the listener.
Things begin with an ominous wash of sound with the atmospheric world of “Death and Decision”. Featuring heavy bass rumblings, the song emphasizes its unease with the utmost of skill. Quite profound the song is downright chilling. “Less Traveled” continues down this bleak path, incorporating a wider swath of textures into the proceedings, with every second of sound increasing the overall tension. Murmurs and wordless vocals pour out of the expansive world of “Exposed”. Vocals descend into the abyss over the course of the track. Easily the most active track of the collection is the fury of “Triumph” complete with a pounding rhythm and distorted guitar giving the piece greater weight. Ending things on a high note is the mystery of “Solace” where the various metallic clangs bring the collection’s journey full circle.
Heaven Falls Hard sculpts weird otherworldly geography with the spirited nature of “Three Hundred Seconds”.
~ Beach Sloth